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If he had actually challenge Samy he would have rewritten his sorry history as a politician with one master stroke. He would have focused national attention on himself and the challenge to defeat Samy Vellu would have dominated this 12th general election.

He need not have defeated Samy Vellu but just cut down his majority to a few hundred votes. He would finally have been the hero he had tried but failed to be all these years.

In Tamil culture, heroes always take up just causes with strength and conviction. They need not succeed but history remembers them as heroes and they are worshiped even today in the form of nattukal (stone shrines) all across Tamil country.
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  1. he is another bunch of cowards which warmed his seat for a long time.
    the law of action and reaction still count, poor fellow been out casted. God is great…….they’ll be more soon.

  2. Subra is Subra, do you think anybody can change him?

  3. For the man it wasn’t necessary to come out saying that he was going to make an important announcement in 2 days; later to bowed out like a chicken with his usual style” I will be with MIC till death” who asked for this statement. even without that we all knew he would not resign from MIC. What he did was completely nut. he basically said just like other bunch of BN leaders, loosing his little respect left.
    No wonder people call him hopeless.

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