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I have been cracking my head trying to decipher the manifesto for 2008 which says, Security,Peace and Prosperity and trying to compare the manifesto for 2004 which said Excellence,Glory,Distinction. Apparently in 2008 we don’t have security, correct, correct, correct, too much of crimes, lack of peace with so many rallies around, particularly Kuala Lumpur, and finally prosperity, which I think is meant money and services which never filtered down to the ordinary man because UMNO and its cronies helped to it first. Badawi you are a genius, feeling the pulse of the nation so accurately and predicting what ails the country.

But wait, before you smile to receive the accolades, please go back to 2004. The people may with the exception of those who make it a point to keep track of events,  are just ignorant of facts and figures to justify your presumptions for 2008. They only depend on your assurances and if possible check past records. So logically they remember 2004 when you promised  Excellence,Glory, and Distinction. As a matter of interest tell us what you and your others did for the last 4 years.  Are you trying to say the 3 points earlier have been achieved and now we can go on to something different. But these 3 words suggest we should have reached the summit, excellence, glory and distinction are words of pinnacle in nature and the top has been reached. If we had reached the top, and there is nothing beyond that why is it necessary to come to banal basic matters like security, peace and prosperity. Care to comment.

But more than that this chili padi woman has said the following:

DAP ‘cili padi’ serves it hot to PM

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng | Feb 25, 08 5:05pm

They don’t call her ‘cili padi’ for nothing.

image And the 35-year-old politician lived up to her nickname when she dished out stinging criticisms against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at a ceramah in Ipoh last night.

In a nutshell, DAP’s Fong Po Kuan summed it up by telling the prime minister: “You are incompetent and you are not doing your job.”

The some 500 people, who packed a community hall where the DAP politician was speaking and the 200 more who gathered outside, responded with cheers and applause.

image Come the March 8 elections, Fong will be defending her Batu Gajah parliamentary seat.

During her campaign rally, she also took Abdullah to task for allegedly neglecting the rise in crime and for his poor attendance in Parliament.

According to her, the premier only attended Parliament five days in a year. Fong was also dissatisfied with Abdullah’s jet-setting lifestyle.

She claimed that by being a frequent flyer, it had affected his performance as prime minister.


Has this been the reason why the country could not reach Excellence,Glory, and Distinction. Perhaps you can also comment on this and please do before the voters decide what to do on the 8th.


BN manifesto: Security, peace, prosperity

Feb 25, 08 6:04pm

breaking news Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today launched the ruling Barisan Nasional manifesto under the slogan ‘Security, Peace and Prosperity’ at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
The 13-page manifesto includes a report card which gives a lengthy account of the government’s achievements over the past four years.
The manifesto also spells out what the BN will do in the next five years should it be re-elected into office in the areas of economy, development, education, religion, law and order as well as others.
BN argues that it has done an excellent job in reviving the economy after it slowed down in 2004. It also explains that inflation is a global trend.

This is an effort to blunt opposition’s criticism of recent spikes in prices of essential goods and fuel.
In 2004, the slogan for BN manifesto was ‘Excellence, Glory, Distinction’.

BN manifesto: Security, peace, prosperity


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