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Kayveas is a gonner. He now says voters have grown to like him. He loves Taiping. When voters start to like the candidate, two things can happen. One is very straight forward, I like you but still will stab you in the back. The second more subtle, yes we love you or like you but will still vote opposition.

Why do I say this. I am not from Taiping. But based on experience of potential candidates, this love and like voters is a cheap stunt and it does fail you.

Now to the proof. Ex Putrajaya Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor loved his voters. This platonic love, no sex here please, was his down fall. A chap who wants to wine and dine with his voters, to reciprocate his love, instead of doing the work of a representative, irked the Government so much, he was not even nominated. See what love does.

Kay boy has been sending birthday cards. What affection and care. Reminds me of Insurance agents sending me birthday cards, not because, they love me, but a reminder don’t fail to call me when your next payment is due.

To end, Kay boy, arrogantly says Gerakan does not know what it wants.

But if what he says is true why has the Mentri Besar of Perak said Kay will be there only for another term. Funny.

Before I forget this is my link to the love affair of Tengku. Please read this:

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Folk in Taiping now like me, claims Kayveas

IPOH: PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas says he will have no problem defending his Taiping seat, claiming he has almost 70,000 supporters there.

He said that it was not true that the people did not want him in the constituency.

“My voters have grown to like me,” he said, adding that he had also fallen in love with the place.

“In fact, I have been sending birthday cards to every voter since I was elected. I have a team of people that look into sending 180 to 200 such cards daily,” he said.

Kayveas added that he “sympathised” with Gerakan as it was clear that they “did not know what they wanted.”

“That is the difference. Gerakan did not care which seat they get, as long as they get one,” he said, adding that he had done more work in Taiping than Gerakan had ever done in the 30 years they had held the seat.

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