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Normally I don’t buy Tamil Newspapers, I read the headlines at my provision shop, and get the bulk of the other news on line. I know there are 2 main newspapers that cater for the Tamil reading population. One is Tamil Nesan a pro MIC paper and the other Makkal Osai they say is a pro Subra paper. I can’t vouch for this, with my scant reading of Tamil papers, and today bought Makkal Osai and hope to give my readers what this paper is reporting on present day issues.
The headline reads, no seat for Datuk Subra, shock and disappointment. It goes on to say that there were news both in English and vernacular papers Subra will be given a seat and the Indians are shocked it did not happen. He is a senior leader and would have brought about unity of the splitted Indians. Subra the paper says would, if given the chance, solve all the problems of the Indians.
To be fair to him, could he bring back the Indians together. Please read what I had said about him earlier.
Subramaniam, former deputy president of MIC, wants to come back for active duty. Two years ago he was ousted by Samy Vellu and today he is in political limbo. Subra as he is called, served for 27 years and set the record as the longest serving Deputy Minister (quarter of a century) in Malaysian history that totals 50 years.
Subra and the late Datuk K.Pathmanaban were brought into MIC during the tenure of Manickavasagam who was MIC president from 1973 to 1978. Datuk K.Pathmanaban was a Harvard MBA holder.
Sami Vellu has termed the rehabilitation of Subra as rumours and wants it to remain so. Vel Pari, Samy Velu’s son, is also reported to have met up with Subra but this is denied by Vel Pari himself. As reported, K.P.Sami and Datuk Govindaraj, ex MIC members are supporting Subra. Basically his supporters are of the opinion that by Subra coming back to MIC the party will regain its importance among Indians.
Astrologer P. Suthanthiran also comes into the picture to give a glowing picture of how the stars are in favour of Subra for the next 5 years.
The only problem that surfaces is the leadership qualities of Subra, who, for 27 years has been a faithful follower of Samy Vellu, and sad to say Subra had failed to show any prominence as a successful leader. He followed the leader, and he makes a good follower, but to lead may not be his cup of tea. This also goes for the present day MIC second echelon leaders who have not proven any outstanding qualities.
The astrological signs may auger well for Subra, and this is in his personal capacity, but alas what are the astrological status for the good future and welfare of the Indians. No crystal ball will ever help. What is required is dynamic leadership to demonstrate to UMNO the Indians are part of this country and they in fairness are entitled for the goodies this country can offer. I don’t think so, Subra can fit the bill.
Have my thoughts changed now, no, Subra has not got the leadership qualities to make any changes. He is classified as a follower and not a leader, even if MIC or Samy wanted him, Subra is still a has been. Samy will not bring him, their strained relationship goes back many years.
The second item in the paper is about Pandithan. After 18 years of being enemies the IPF president made up with Samy, and IPF to has been ignored. IPF was expecting one of their members Sengutuvan to be chosen and are disappointed. Now IPF is thinking about going the senate way to be part of the government. I think this is a dream and will remain as one.
One more Indian potential political new face. It is no other than K.S.Nallakaruppan President MUIP. He says his party will not take part in the elections. Though his party has not been recognised by Barisan Nasional, he and his 30,000 members will, work and support Barisan Nasional candidates. After elections the party will apply to join the BN. I reserve my comments. Please read this.

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