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My earlier comments on Makkal Osai is here. Now I will comment on the Independent candidates. Even before nomination date the paper has indicated 3 Independent candidates who are contesting; one in Prai, Ulaganathan an ex MIC chap, in Jempol, Paramasivam and possibly in Bagan Dalam Henry Benedict

I have nothing against Independent candidates, as a citizen you can stand as one. But why are they standing, that’s the most important question. Among the reasons put forward by Independent candidates, here are a few:

  • My party did not nominate me
  • The opposition party candidate is not worthy and I am a better man to represent the people
  • I am very popular in this constituency as I have served them well over the years
  • I was a representative once but now no more

Generally these Independent candidates rarely don’t do well some even lose their deposits. They are there just like the proverbial thorn in the flesh, more annoyance than anything. There is the possibility that, if they get elected, the big if, join up with the established parties. This is another behind the door tactic hoping they get elected.

Then what about their manifesto, how are they going to serve the people. The opposition with their numbers can’t do anything, what can a independent member do.

Besides all these. there is a strong sentiment among the people the 2/3 majority of the Government must be reduced, and the opposition is working hard to make it a reality. Independents will covert some votes from their family,friends and their close supporters, and if this people are Barisan Nasional supporters good, but what if they they are taking away the opposition votes and in marginal cases the Government candidate will win. Either way Independents split votes, and it does not auger well for the Government or Opposition. Let the Government and the opposition slug it out one way or the other. Independents don’t help.

As for the voters do they really help your cause. No.

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