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Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim , has said it well. Don’t see, don’t here and don’t talk. Be a frog in the well and assume everything is perfect. If you hear of any Government mistake, say to your self this is a rumour, I will not talk about and best is I should have not even heard it. Close your ears and only hear what is good.
He is talking of a perfect world. It has never been as such even from creation of the world.
In the first place he should be directing this at the Government leaders, for goodness sake behave and do things right. Even if you do a mistake be a gentleman and apologise as no one is perfect. But no, the leaders are super humans blessed with enormous intelligence, and far too smarter than the ordinary Joe. I do what I did, and even if that brings down the name of the Government, I don’t care, cos it is my name I should be concerned about. Come election time, hee, hee, I have done wonders during my time, please elect me again.
The Government controlled media brings out what the people must hear, and if not for the alternative news and bloggers, rot under the carpet will over flow.
 image What he wants us to be is the three monkeys. In a country if this practiced, we will have to forget modern development and recede maybe by a few hundred years. Any way the earlier Governments were better and may be the 3 monkey system worked. Can it work now. If the people are not smart, the leaders will pledge the country to others. Because of noise made, the country keeps going.
Culture does not teach the people to overlook wrong done by any one. When corruption, lying, misuse of power, and doing things just because you have power, is prevalent, does this culture help us to forget the wrongs. Culture only teaches good. If it is otherwise, bashing is in order and those bashed have no choice but to accept it, because they have done wrong. If the bashing is wrong it should be corrected by the person involved but surprisingly this culture of sweeping it under the carpet gets it priority or leave the mistake alone hoping the people will forget it in time to come.
Good manners is welcome. But this good manners should also be emulated by those in power not to do anything wrong. A wrong is a wrong and any bashing done is justified.
If Rais is hurt that people are calling UMNO members orang utan, please remember and recollect remarks even by Parliamentarians in the august house of legislature where decorum is a must. Treating it as a coffee house is not Malaysian culture.
If the 3 monkey concept is called for, please do away with the Government media, as this is the originator of all information, information of a incomplete and wrong nature. This news leads on to the people discussing the news which generally is incomplete. No news, then we can practise the 3 mokey concept with ease.   
Bashing Govt In Blogs Not Malaysian Culture – Rais

KUALA LUMPUR Feb 19 (Bernama) — Bloggers should evaluate themselves before indulging in an unhealthy culture of bashing others, including government leaders, through their blogsites, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.
He said although government bashing in the blogsites was among the challenges faced by the Barisan Nasional (BN) in facing the general election, it was not the nature of BN leaders to resort to using blogsites to attack others in their campaigns to win the elections.
"They (bloggers) condemn the prime minister, ministers and other members of the administration but not themselves. As the Malay adage goes, it’s pointing the forefinger to the front and thumb to your chest.
"I am saying that you should look at your own heart to see if it is clean. If it is not, then don’t bash others in your blogs," he said after launching a book and compact disc, "Aku Dia dan Lagu-Lagu Nostalgia", by Yusnor Ef at Aswara (National Arts, Culture and Heritage Academy) here today.
"Nowadays, not only the bloggers are having a mental block (disturbed) but the PAS’ spiritual leader’s mind too is blocked (unstable) when he equated Umno members to orang utan.
"The bloggers are getting bolder, but I see it this way — the general election is the season for condemning or "killing" others with words but this is not BN culture. I suggest that they attend courses on good manners as good manners is Malaysian culture."
On another matter, Rais said a RM1.5 million scholarship fund would be established soon to assist those interested to seriously pursue music studies. He said the country needed more people to be highly qualified in the field, hence the introduction of the scholarship scheme.
Aswara, Istana Budaya and the Culture, Arts and Heritage Department would draw up the scholarship programme for the public to apply, he said.

Bashing Govt In Blogs Not Malaysian Culture – Rais ::

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