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Sometimes, to enliven our listening pleasure, new tunes are okay I guess, but let it be something similar to the ones that is usual, otherwise the new tunes go to the waste paper basket they belong to.
Suddenly Prima comes out with this new tune and it took my pressure to its summit, a groveling tune that sounds good to the artists who performed it, but yuck to the listeners. Please try it once and throw it away.
MIC is rot and the feeling is universal among Indians and to a certain extend all Malaysians. The fish head comes in handy. Thanks to the former President of MCA who loved this story. The rots starts at the head and then progressively goes to the tail. Prima wants to prove it otherwise. I don’t mind joining in an experiment to prove a point, but then Mr A.Rajaretnam could be a vegetarian, which I am not.
To bring about an analogy, if the father of the family is reasonably good then the chances of the family remaining good is a possibility. Samy is the one who heads the venerable MIC, the saviour of the Indians, if he as alleged is good, please tell me how he did not resort to the cane for those elected representatives who were playing truant. Did Rajaretnam knew this earlier or is this knowledge just came to his hands, maybe Pos Malaysia delayed his mail. Come on man, if you are forced to support somebody, but that person does not deserve it, please oh please think of something plausible. Your new tune is jarring. If you personally want to see Samy and convey your opinion it is praisweworthy, why must you drag the whole lot of 500,000 Indians together,to justify that you are speaking for all of them. Since you represent this group and I hope you have their permission to do so, what right have you to drag the whole lot of Indians. Please give it a thought.
In the same breath you say, MIC have not failed in their duties, while earlier you hantam non-functional representatives, you want them to be responsible. The lyrics of your tune is confusing. Every stanza is contradictory, you think the tune will sell.

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