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    Certain traits and character remain with us especially those that we have cultivated in our adolescent days and youth. This is what  I thought when I read Samy Vellu’s first time admission he is going to resign courtesy Malaysiakini. As most of you know Samy was a drama actor and this trait remains with him even now, he can suddenly burst into a song, on stage, argue and threaten as if he is still on stage. Much of it lacks reality. This is what he did today reverting his role of a politician to a drama personality.
    Look at this now. He wants to go away. But wants 5 years. Can you see the wily Politician in this. Assuming, UMNO and Badawi agree to him contesting in Sungei Siput, His only problem will be Indian voters but  his MIC members and their lechers will vote him. Sungei Siput is Samy’s playground, he knows every inch of the area geographically and the sentiments of all the Malaysians there. Indians abhor him, he knows that. But what about the Malays and Chinese. He will do a play in Malay and Chinese, and viola gets elected. He is a fox who has gone through the mill. His understanding of the political will of the people is beyond comparison.
    If he wants to go he should go now. Five years from now on, there could be no Hindraf, Samy will make sure of that, Indians will be made to eat of the hands of MIC, which will tell UMNO, leave them to us, we will know what is to be done. MIC becomes the sole benign party for Indians, and anything the Indians want it must be through MIC. Indians become dumb.
    At the age of 72, and after 28 years MIC has become SAMI VELU Incorporated and do you think he wants to give up. Fat chance.
    The other dramatic scenes can be itemised this way:
    • I will go now, if the Indian community wants it. what do you think the Indians are doing now.
    • The irony of it he still thinks the Indians love him.
    • Mahathir left, Ling Leong Sek left, Lim Keng Yaik let, all the parties remain. What’s special about MIC.
    • He is not sure of Palanivelu, 5 years will give him time to groom a new leader. maybe Vel Paari.
        Keep on reading the drama script. MIC will only benefit if he is no more around. 


      Samy: This ‘may be’ my last term

      Feb 19, 08 3:44pm

      MIC president S Samy Vellu today announced that the 12th general election could be his last.

      "Next term I won’t go (to contest). This may be my last term," said the eight-term member of parliament for Sungai Siput.

      samy vellu and micSamy Vellu, 72, has been leading MIC for 28 years and critics have accused him of overstaying his welcome.

      The president has also come under intense pressure following the Nov 25 rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

      There was also speculation that the veteran politician would not contest in this elections.

      "I’m prepared to go even now if the Indian community does not want me anymore," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

      ‘Won’t lead party forever’

      However, he stressed that as a leader of the Indian community, the decision must be made by the community and not by outsiders.

      "If the Indian community decides that they don’t want me… I’m prepared to go even now… I’m prepared," added the works minister.

      Samy first contested the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat in the country’s fourth general election in 1974 and has held the seat since then.

      On his MIC president post, Samy Vellu said that he could not just leave the party but would give up the post at the appropriate time.

      However, he stressed that he would not lead the party forever.

      "If I just leave the party now, the party will go into disarray. It is not that I’m going to be there for 100 years. I don’t live for 100 years. Everybody’s got a time to go," he said.

      No rift with deputy

      g palanivelResponding to a question, Samy Vellu denied rumours of a rift between him and his deputy G Palanivel.

      "If you want to destroy a party, you must divide the leadership in the party. There are a lot of people trying to do that. But we will not allow that to happen. I will hand over the party to the man next to me and go (when the times come)" he said.

      On MIC’s candidates list for the general election, he said it was finalised days ago but he did not discount last-minute changes.

      "I’m ready to see the prime minister (to submit the list), if he wants to see us today," he said.

      Asked about the necessity to make last-minute changes, he said he wanted to pick the best candidates for the election.

      "Politics is a performance. You must be seen doing things. You can be a very good man. You just get the seat, win the seat and after that don’t act (work) at all. (Then) it can be (just) one term," he said.

      They don’t hate me

      Samy Vellu also reminded MIC divisional leaders that seats were allocated for the party and not for the divisions.

      He said there had been cases of divisional chairmen claiming seats for themselves because the seats were in their divisions.

      "I said if you take that (argument, then) I can’t contest in Sungai Siput next time. The president of the party has no place to go (to contest) because I’m at the headquarters," said Samy Vellu who does not hold any post at the divisional level.

      samy vellu mobbed at selangor tamil school on feb 13, 2008He said he would still give an opportunity to those who had served more than two terms, provided that they had performed well.

      Asked on the incident in Butterworth last Saturday where his car was blocked by a group of people from leaving the compound of a school where he had earlier attended a function, Samy Vellu said the group was asking him to help secure the release of the Hindraf leaders.

      "There is no indication that they hate me. They came to my car to ask me to tell the prime minister to release them (those arrested).

      "That’s all they asked. They didn’t say anything about politics," he said.

      Samy: This ‘may be’ my last term


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