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You are still in the dark, are you not, Sothi.Indians voted for Barisan Nasional. Were their interests looked after by them. Please pause, think, and then in all honesty admit whether your version is correct.MIC is the main culprit for the marginalisation of the Indians and still you dare say interests of Indians have been looked after. If so, please tell me why Hindraf came about.

This 50 year thing is pure rhetoric. Talk about the last few years, may be the last 5 years.

Did MIC really represent the community or did it represent the interest of MIC and its cronies. Please be specific.

The only time you spoke for the Indians, you were suspended from Parliament. After that did you ever think about speaking for the Indians.

The campaigning is just beginning, please think of new catch phrases, new ideas, don’t be in denial and finally don’t lie. At least then the people will be happy they heard a meaningful campaign speech rather than some bull. Please learn.

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MIC vice-president Datuk S. Sothinathan said the Indians should vote for a party which would look after their interests and welfare.�
“MIC is a party which has and will continue to look after the interests and welfare of the Indian community in the country,” he was quoted as saying. �
He reminded the community that Malaysians had been living in peace and harmony for the past 50 years as the Barisan Nasional coalition had brought success and stability to the nation.�
Noting that Indians made up only 7.5% of the country’s population, he stressed the importance of having Indian representation in the Government to ensure that the community’s voice would continue to be heard.�
INDIANS have been urged to vote wisely and choose representatives who can speak for them, Tamil Nesan reported.�
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  1. May the Almighty God help us all,
    My dear frends we are all in the smae pit…who is going to bring us out? Nice people I don’t see nowdays that mean were are the heroes….john rambo when to recue his not know frend from the danger tht they think they were smart, in handlling the problems… There are 5 Indian in the detension camp..doing what u think? Playing manjong? just asking for ur right and ur enjoying out here telling tht u can help…….shame on u….

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