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He has been this way for the last 32 years or so. He gets away from murder running MIC as his kingdom where he is the King, Chief Minister and everything right up to the office boy. Samy is MIC and MIC is Samy. No other political party is run along these lines.

You speak when spoken to. His child hood background is there for all to see, a mandor ordering his labourers.

Imagine at a crucial time threatening the Batu Caves MIC members, that if they don’t accept Mohan he will give away the seat to UMNO. What does this speak of? He controls MIC fully, what committee and others. I tell them my decision they endorse my decision.

But what a stupid remard reducing 19 state seats to 18, who cares, Indians can go to hell, I can even close MIC and for all I care let the Indians suffer.

Is he not arrogant.

MIC members in Batu Caves are unhappy with the choice of the party’s candidate to contest for the state seat in the coming elections and staged a protest this evening to express their disappointment.

Their unhappiness is due to party president S Samy Vellu’s decision to nominate an outside candidate to contest there. The MIC divisions in Batu Caves want a local candidate to represent them.

v jagarasah batu cave adun mic interview 040208 talkIt is widely tipped that Puchong-based MIC central working committee member T Mohan will replace incumbent V Jagarasah (photo), a two-term representative. The party is expected to make an official announcement on its candidates by Thursday.

However, the local divisions here want MIC Gombak division chief G Jayakumar to be named as the party’s choice.

“He said Mohan was the best candidate for the seat. In fact he warned us that if we don’t support his candidate, he would just give the seat to Umno,” he added.

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