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This is a letter in Malaysiakini. It is very obvious that Badawi has no sense of direction in ruling this country. It is common to see him goofing up matters. He is so dumb, clueless, not knowing where he is coming from or going to. Anybody would clamour for a decent Prime Minister, somebody who leads the country well. But he sleeps his way through work, depends on others to make decisions, dish out benefits as if there is no tomorrow and at the same time telling the people, he has got big ears which don’t function because of defect.
When the situation gets hot he runs away overseas and how many times have people waited for him to make decisions on important matters, which never come. If at all it comes, it is a timid reaction assuming semua-nya OK. The country was going down hill from the time he took over. The first test was Toyo the Menteri Besar of Selangor, he should have been many moons ago got rid off  for his corruption and his tendency to make the state his playground to do things as he wishes. When damage to the environment was observed, by Badawi himself, what did he do. He became angry and thats it, NFA.
Rafidah should have been removed for her AP mistakes. Now she is playing up her profile, and wants to serve some more.
When his deputy was involved in some scandalous deals, suspicion of involvement with a foreign woman, a Prime Minister should act. Has he commented so far on the involvement of his deputy.
The Parliamentarians treat it as a coffee shop, no decorum whatsoever, the Speaker a fool who incidentally was the first of the kind that came from a elected member, racist remarks, demeaning woman, closing one eye, building mansions without approval, all these go unnoticed by him. Is it because of the single worry that these crooks won’t support him if action is taken, or he does not care the country can go to the dogs earning the nice epithet “half-past six government”.
You can go on elaborating. There is no end. But Malaysians can’t be fooled. His shortcomings are shown to cheat the people and carry on with his own agenda to attain benefits for him, his family, and cronies. He does not care two hoots if the country is on the decline, he just wants his satisfaction, HE IS THE BEST PRETENDER.  

Trust Pak Lah at your own risk

Concerned Malaysian | Feb 15, 08 3:39pm

Malaysians, if we want to see a massive change in policies and to wipe-out inefficiency and corruption, we – together – need to vote for a new party to rule our government, or at least deny the BN a two-thirds majority.

But before you cast your vote, ask yourself: is our country presently led by a capable prime minister? Does our leader possess a crystal-clear vision? And is he able to establish a solid path for the future for the rakyat?

Our leader, Abdullah, promises everything, yet he accomplishes nothing. Here is a ‘leader’ who acts, not on the basis of firm convictions or a set of well-founded beliefs, but out of expediency and duplicity.

The story of his four-year rule is a story of economic mismanagement, poor public service performance, rampant corruption, rising crime rates, unemployment, inflation, wasteful public expenditures and a humiliating judicial scandal. It will be a major catastrophe for the nation if voters are again deceived by Abdullah’s promises.

Recently, the mainstream newspapers reported the prime minister as saying, ‘It is God’s will that I became the prime minister of Malaysia and I am very conscious that I have to serve the people, although I personally do not benefit even one sen because of this … Some of you can say that I’m not good, you can say whatever. But don’t say that I don’t work. … I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it’.

This seems to illustrate that our prime minister is trying his best to gain the respect of the rakyat after being branded a ‘sleeping prime minister’.

We hear of corridors being opened throughout our country, we hear of the Second Penang Bridge. But we also hear of rampant corruption and abuses of power – we hear that his defence minister and his cronies earned huge commissions from the purchases of two French-made submarines and Russian jet fighters.

And we hear about huge contracts for his son and son-in-law. So do you believe him when he says he did not benefit even a single sen from his position as prime minister? Yes, yes – he did not earn even a single sen. People wanted to give him money, but he didn’t need it. Then why didn’t he report those who wanted to give him money to the Anti-Corruption Agency?

I think only his son, son-in-law, daughter and cronies received money. God only knows, he is still Mr Clean. He has no reason to change

And can you believe what Abdullah says about unity? He appeals to all of us to unite, yet he is solely responsible for the mounting racial tension and religious intolerance in our country. This same person, as president of Umno, allowed Hishamuddin Onn and his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, to display the most crude form of Malay nationalism – the use of the Malay keris.

This is the same man who unleashed the power of the police on the Indians and used the draconian ISA on Hindraf’s leaders. Beware of a man who promises you everything because such a person delivers nothing. Trust this man at your own risk.

If I asked average men on the street about the promises made in the last election through BN’s manifesto, nine out of 10 would not know what I was talking about. The BN knows that Malaysians suffer from the mudah lupa syndrome. No wonder BN – for every election – can unleash great manifestos full of empty promises.

Malaysians, it’s all in your hands. Your vote will decide the future path of our country.

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