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My posting was based on a Malaysiakini report. This report is on the site reporting.

updates on war of rosses…..



According to Hindraf coordinator S Thanenthiran, about 200 people have been arrested. Also nabbed was Hindraf’s rose campaign organiser S Manickavasagam.

Police again fired tear gas and chemical mixed water against the innocent people…. they were more than 10,000 people gathered in parliment today to hand over rosses to badawi.. but he refused to attend… More than hunreds of people were arrested… 1 of them was Mahendran ( a blogger ) … When informed to Anbalagan ( co – ordinator ) ** so called , he wasnt serious about it… He jus said ” ok, thanks for informing ” … thats all..  meanwhile.. Hindraf Regional Leader  Thanendran did not turn up since early morning… along the innocent people gethered in front of parliment there were also kids… this time.. police ususes blue dye on people… this blue dye to mark the people and they arrest them… this blue dye cannot be removed easyly… even washed wift water… Later on, Thanendran announce that he will be goin to SUARAM office to have a press conference and ordered people not to follow him because he might be arrested! Crowds were asked to gather in Vinayagar Temple in Jalan Pudu… Believe it or not.. the are no escape routes… its now surrounded by FRU and police!!! there will be more and more innocent people will be arrested…. No proper co-ordination! No proper guidelines! No Safety for people! what kind of arrengement is this? Innocent people again victimized…. this time not by the gov, but HINDRAF itselves…. maximum advantage had been taken on innocent people who really trust you all from the deep bottom of their heart! hindraf is to fight for indian rights… but now.. they have to fight for their own rights.. will this continues forever ?

                       Hasta Siempre – Comandante Che Guevara

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Guns and Rosessss……. Hindraf made a big mess !! « Malaysian Indian Channel

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