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What a world of a difference. In Pakistan the President is accused of having lost his mental and physical balance, literally a zombie. In Malaysia children cannot hand over flowers to the Prime Minister. Police use chemical lazed water and tear gas to deter the crowd out on a mission of being nice to the Prime Minister and to show appreciation, but they are arrested. Different rules in different countries. But the background is the same, as both countries are facing elections.
Malaysia too has got its zombies hell bend to be allowed to serve another 5 years. Some of them should have been retired years ago, but these zombies every passing year they get younger and their determination to serve the people gets stronger and stronger. When asked are you not old and have you not have enough, they retort bring on the army and I will face them they say.
The zombies smile, laugh, kiss babies, and would do anything to tell the people they are ordinary human beings. We are here to serve the people, the country, please give us more time. When told that the time was given earlier, they are quick to answer back Rome was not built in a day.
But the people are smarter, they have listened patiently to their boasting, but have memories of the past. They have evidence.





These we have done earlier and in the next years will even do better. The people become deaf.

Saturday, February 16, 2008 (Frontier Province)

With just two days to go for elections, Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Nawaz Sharif, one of the men who can define the future of the country, has made his strongest ever attack on President Pervez Musharraf.
Speaking to NDTV, Shairf said that Musharraf has lost his mental as well as physical balance. He added that Musharraf must exit office.
On the campaign trail, following his eight-year exile, Sharif also said it’s not yet time to decide upon the opposition’s prime ministerial candidate. In other words, he has not ruled himself out of the race.
Pakistan People’s Party leader Benazir Bhutto’s assassination is still fresh in Sharif and everyone else’s mind as his cavalcade ducks the main highways and crawls quietly through village interiors and back alleys. He knows that every rally is a gamble of life and death.
As the car weaves its way past the ancient city of Taxila to the remote Frontier Province, Sharif pores over the day’s papers and seems satisfied.
He knows that his home turf holds half the seats for Pakistan’s Parliament, and this reminds that he too can be the prime minister.
NDTV: You can’t contest, so can you be PM?
Sharif: The constitution permits me to be PM for six months and then get elected, not that I am looking for prime ministership, but all these things can be decided later.
Sharif’s speeches mainly target the man who put him on a plane, and pushed him out of Pakistan.
The theme song of his campaign is also to pitch Musharraf as the American stooge against his own more manly gumption.
Speaking in a rally, he says, ”Musharraf gets frightened after receiving one call from America. He has not done any good to Pakistan. Nawaz does not take any order from anyone. If India carried out five tests (nuclear), then Pakistan has carried out six.”
Sharif’s single-minded agenda is now to, somehow ensure the exit of President Pervez Musharraf.
Not for him the pragmatic tact or sophisticated nuance of Benazir’s husband, who knows the General may not go anywhere just yet. Instead, here’s Sharif’s Punjabi style bluntness.
NDTV: Do you feel this election will ensure Musharraf’s exit?
Sharif: I don’t know. Every day he comes on TV and says this or that. He looks like a man who has lost his balance.
NDTV: Mental balance?
Sharif: Both mental and physical!
Much depends on what happens when Pakistan votes on Monday.
A good showing in Punjab could change the rules of the game. So far the lion of Punjab, as Sharif is known, has kept to the script. But the question is, once the results are declared, will the lion roar?
What will happen if the results show no clear majority? Who will call the shot then? Will it be Nawaz Sharif or Asif Zardari?
In Pakistan, many believe that the real story begins only after the elections end.

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