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Time to be Saints « BJ Thoughts…

This is from my blogger friend BalaJoe from BJ Thoughts. This is a good picture of what is happening now. Santa Claus everywhere, you ask for it and they give you. Somewhere I read that Muhammad bin Muhammed the 2 Muhammad guy may be a candidate in my area. You remember him. The fellow caught in Australia with lots of money and in court admitted he can’t speak English. This same fellow who married the Sultan’s daughter, under suspicious circumstances, divorced her with RM 6 million dollars. He has been torn to shreds by Raja Petra in Malaysia Today, readers following this blog will know. I remember writing how to deal with candidates whom the voter feels has not carried out his duties and responsibilities in a befitting manner. I suggested voters ask him what he has done to be elected this time. This may not work with the 2 Muhammad who was at one time the Mentri Besar of Selangor. He may show me a list extending from his head to toe. But that is not the point. This chap is a thief thieving people’s money, how do I show displeasure. I can’t shake my head and say, yes you have done something and still don’t vote him. What I have to learn now is a sign language, complete by itself and conveying the meaning as clear as daylight. Nothing vulgar no obscenity. Please help.

The fellow, after a flip-flop has finally decided to dissolve the Parliament and call for election – hardly a joke if you asked me.

Of course, the signs been there on the wall much earlier – the government “fast-tracking” some of the projects & approvals, the “leaders” telling the would-be suckers voters that they only going to be pick the very best, saints and lovable people to run for election, the spinmaster mainstream media having pages after pages of the ruling politicians in opening ceremonies, wise decisions made by the government and the in-fighting within the oppositions.

Anyway, now that the MPs are no longer MPs and most of them are lobbying the party decision makers for a seat, do expect these to be on the “road-show” until the election time:-

Granting of new houses and lands to the people, opening ceremonies of new multi-purpose hall or bridge or playground, “get-to-know” the MP breakfast, lunch & dinner, shouts of tolerance & unity as being the primary aim of political parties, bad-mouthing the oppositions and calling them as cowards, news of lower crime statistics and improved economy data, “veteran” leaders telling that they “need more time” to resolve the issues, appearance of new & young candidates to take over the lead (but still subject to old party doctrines), plenty of “good & confident” predications from the ruling politicians and more…

And for the Indians, MIC is all out to woo the community with new faces, fresh pledges to “bring up the community” and creation of “new” opportunities. And this reminds of the joke posted at 7th Ranger Blog titled “Adam & Eve”:-

There were three guys commenting on Adam and Eve, they were a Chinese, a Malay and an Indian. The Chinese guy said that Adam and Eve must have been Chinese because they look so calm even when a snake is around. The Malays guy not to be left out says that they must have been Malays because they are so good looking.

The Indian guy with full of confidence says that they must definitely have been Malaysian Indians because they have no shelter, no clothes, shared one apple, advised by a snake and are told that they live in Paradise !

At post-Hindraf times, it sounds so familiar – time to be saints.

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