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First it was Negeri Sembilan Krishnan, then Balakrishnan from Johore and now Dr K Rajapathy Penang.They are falling off like a pack of cards. Who is next? Anybody got a clue?
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  • Penang MIC chief lets go state seat
    Athi Veeranggan | Feb 15, 08 10:10am
  • Prai state representative Dr K Rajapathy has declined party nomination and wants a fresher face to replace him.MORE
  • Restarting his medical career
    Internal leadership fight
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  1. next samy value

  2. Samy No Value should be to one to go first.
    Enough from this motte.

  3. samy go
    subra back
    no courtcase?

  4. Politicians always come and go
    Some still want to be treated like gold
    Some only know how to score personal goals
    Some are really capable of blowing hot and cold

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 150208
    Fri. 15th Feb. 2008.

  5. Share with you “HINDRAF vs Samy”

    Click here to see if Samy survives:

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