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He was a friend I never met. I only knew him from some e-mails we exchanged. I thought I was short changed by the treatment given to me by a government hospital. I wanted to complain but knew not how to go about it. I said so in my e-mail to him, and within a few hours the complaint letter was ready and was published in Malaysiakini. The letter was written in the inimitable MGG Pillay style, terse but right to the point. I enjoy his style of writing, without fear or favour, and maybe that was the reason he was sued by Vincent Tan.With the new found freedom of blogging, I started writing from November last. What a disappointment, the writing is so drab and sometimes unashamedly I admit I could have written better. So disjointed, not knowing what comes first, the head or the tail. I can’t go near the way MGG Pillai wrote but he was, I believe, a born writer trained by numerous teachers during his journalistic days before he reached the maturity.

I hope the people who made the life of MGG Pillai miserable pay for the unjust things they did. The action may be delayed because MGG Pillai is not with us now. But pay they must and suffer more than what MGG Pillai endured. I believe MGG Pillai said the right thing about Vincent Tan The reason being, if the allegations were wrong, there was no need for the elaborate scheme for a lawyer to draft a Judge’s ruling.

May MGG Pillai rest in peace.

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Lawyer’s involved in the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam tapes are suggesting that the family of the late Mr MGG Pillai sue the Government, the Judge Mokhtar Sidin, VK Linggam, and tycoon Vincent Tan, for a long list of offences including criminal offences.

Police reports will�soon be lodged arising from the testimony provided thus far to the Royal Commission. The Royal Commission heard explosive testimony from Miss Jayanthi Naidu, former�secretary to VK Linggam, who said that Linggam wrote the verdict which was incorporated into Judge Mokhtar Sidin’s judgement in favour of Vincent Tan against MGG Pillai. �Linggam was�the counsel representing�Tan in the same case.
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  1. Long Live MGGPillai!

  2. MGG Pillai’s son is my ex-classmate, who is now a human rights lawyer. I remember Mr MGG Pillai when I went to my friend’s house in Brickfields, about 20 years, I saw Mr Pillai at a corner of the house, busy typing away.

    When I met my friend for teh tarik last week and I recalled the moment about his father, he told me that most of the friends who came to house remember his father in the same manner.

  3. Dear Balajoe,

    A few more thoughts came to my mind. I used to e-mail him in the evening and presto the next morning I would get a reply from him. He said he came from an estate background and knew exactly the lives the people led. He even wrote letters for them to India and he had a soft heart for them. But his command of the English language was great. I have read some of them in Sangkancil. Crisp, nothing flowery, but right to the point. He could play with his words.

    He always wanted me to come to KL to meet and have a drink but apparently his style was go at full speed during day light hours, and then have an early night. Mine was the opposite, a relaxed evening. So, out meeting never materialised.

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