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One more revelation. I only know the local hospital to get treatment, not even private clinics.But Mayo clinic, does the Government foot the bill, I thought our eye hospital Tun Hussein is already the best. No dates are shown and possibly at that time of the treatment, there was no Tun Hussein hospital.

If you are a Government official are you privileged to get treatment from Harley street specialists in London.

Anybody can explain.

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Mahadev ShankarProf Dato' Khoo Kay KimThe
(Used by permission)

by Soon Li Tsin

Royal commission member Mahadev Shankar today refused to
recuse himself from the inquiry, charging that the application made to seek his
recusal was attempted to scuttle the hearing into the Lingam tape.

Prof Dato' Khoo Kay Kim

Mahadev Shankar

On Wednesday, lawyer Hazman Ahmad, who is representing former chief justice Mohd
Eusoff Chin, one of the key witnesses in the inquiry, made a written
application, citing Mahadev’s ‘relationship’ with lawyer VK Lingam as the
grounds for the application.

Today the grounds were disclosed to the commission – that Lingam had arranged
for an eye specialist from the Mayo clinic in the US to fly in from Bangkok to
treat Mahadev’s eye condition.

Lingam is also said to have foot the bill for the accommodation of the
specialist and his family here in Kuala Lumpur.

“This is all false. All my medical expenses for my eye disorder were paid by the
government,” said Mahadev.

“The medical records will prove this,” he added.
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  1. does the government foot the bill of the specialist to come to Malaysia or Bangkok ?

    that’s what Mahadev Shanker seems to imply …..

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