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This is something very important. Basically this is a matter between two parties one not registered but tacking along with PKR and DAP. For the voters, fed up with the Badawi administration, any opposition party will do. Barisan Nasional will win for sure. What enlightened voters want is a strong opposition which will allow for check and balance. Hopefully they don’t want Barisan to gain a 2/3 majority to mess around with the constitution. Hopefully, in parliament, with the increase in opposition candidates, the ruling party which will bulldoze their requirements, will have lot of protests with the increased number of opposition members. The main opposition members are now PAS and DAP but unfortunately, they are outnumbered by the sheer force of the ruling party in terms of numbers. The voice of the government is louder than that of the opposition. Hopefully voters want a change. But what is annoying is the situation in Perak. Sungei Siput is a classical case. Indians can’t stand MIC and Sami Vellu, a defeat for him is symbolic in that all communities must get together a candidate they feel will deliver the goods. Sami in synonymous with the bad state of the Indians in Malaysia. Suffice to say he must go to assuage the Indians of a better future, or if necessary, to be treated as orphans, to look after themselves. No opposition can help the Indians, not because they don’t want to do,but the government is less conscious of the requirement of the Indian, they are told they are in paradise.It will be a Hobson choice for the Indians to support the opposition for they have been cheated by MIC. Besides opposing to have transparency and fair rules the opposition can’t do much. But the good feeling exists, Indians will have someone to raise a timid objection somewhere which MIC never did. Indians are clueless, but they are hoping against hope, they will have someone talking about them. This the DAP has done beautifully but the Indians want more, meaning every nuance of the Indian problems are highlighted. The problem of the Indians is Samy and MIC. For too long the Indians have been hoodwinked by Samy and his gang. Telecom shares, Maika investment, Samy does not leave anything. It is just gimme gimme and the UMNO is told the Indians live in paradise because the Government looks after them. After Hindraf Badawi himself was surprised, what Indians protesting, Samy tells me they are in heaven. Samy and his cohorts never told the government the problems Indians had, and so Badawi thought they are okay. After all a stomach-ache requires pills, but when things are okay why treatment.

Samy is an expert to be in power. With a 3 cornered fight, he may even introduce an independent Malay/Chinese/Indian candidate much liked by the populace. This candidate will collect a few hundred votes but votes have been split. He is threatening he is ready to face an army, which I think he will do, knowing the weakness of the opposition parties. So DAP and PSM think carefully. I am apolitical, I sure want to join maybe DAP, but then undecided. PSM has a better chance with experience and also if their claim is correct, they did better in the last elections, then let it be. Please decide before the Indians become slaves to Samy and MIC again. A defeat for Samy becomes freedom for the Indians from the enslavement of Samy and MIC. Thank you.

‘Arrogant’ DAP forces 3-way fights

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Feb 15, 08 7:26pm

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) is expected to face three-cornered fights in the two seats the unregistered party’s candidates are contesting in Perak.

According to the party’s election director K Segar, this is because DAP has refused to back down.

PSM candidates will be contesting under the PKR banner for the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat and the Jalong state seat.

“DAP is unwilling to let go both these seats. The situation looks very much similar to 2004 election where PSM and DAP fought in a three corner contest,” he said in a statement.

‘We did better’

In the last polls, PSM candidates fared better than the DAP candidates in both the seats.

nasir hashimBased on the results, PSM pro-tem national chairperson Dr Nasir Hashim said DAP should withdraw to ensure a straight fight with Barisan Nasional.

“They (DAP) came out third. We beat them and this shows that our party is stronger there.

“Why can’t DAP accept this and let us fight one-on-one with BN,” he said, adding that DAP was just being “arrogant”.

Echoing a similar view, PSM pro-tem secretary general S Arutchelvan was also disappointed.

“We could have won if it was not a three way fight. What a shame,” he said when contacted.

Years of groundwork

The party also feels that PSM candidates have every right to contest in both the seats as their candidates have been “doing years of tremendous groundwork in the area.”

Jalong is a Chinese majority area dominating the constituency by 59 percent and followed by Indians 26.1 percent, Malays 12.4 percent and others 2.4 percent.

Central committee member Dr D Jeyakumar will be PSM’s candidate contesting for both the Jalong seat and Sungai Siput seat, which is held by MIC president S Samy Vellu.

Meanwhile, things appear smooth for PSM in Selangor where the party will contest for two seats under the PKR banner.

Nasir will be vying for the Kota Damansara state seat while Arutchelvan will contest for the Semenyih state seat.

‘Arrogant’ DAP forces 3-way fights

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