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Read the report between the lines. Is not Badawi telling Sami please don’t include your name in the list. Is there any other polite way Badawi can resort to.For old times brother, says Badawi, I saw your announcement that you want to contest, but then you can always say no can’t you.
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Abdullah, who was bombarded with questions on the fate of Works Minister and MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, said: “I haven’t decided yet…maybe when the list comes, he may not put his name on the list.” The Prime Minister was also asked on the intention of former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam to contest in the election and the rumours about a minister from Perlis being excluded from the state’s list. Pressed further on Samy Vellu’s fate, Abdullah said: “I don’t know what’s going to be there (on the list), let me have a look first, so stop asking me because I haven’t seen the list yet.”

Asked about Samy Vellu’s recent announcement that he would defend his Sungai Siput parliamentary seat, the Prime Minister said: “Anybody can say anything to the press, later on they do something else.”
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  1. My fervent wish for the Tamil- Hindu community
    For Malaysian Indians and especially the Tamils, the politically charged, paradoxical events of the past few months must seem almost surreal. TWO BROTHERS at odds, one allegedly, and irrevocably mired in corruption at the very heart of judiciary and the government, the other driven to despairing ‘madness’ and ultimate denouncement of his sibling. It epitomizes the self serving avariciousness that knows no bounds. Here, is a nexus, long developed and deeply embedded; corrupting members of judiciary, the government and judicial processes; methods of appointments based not on any criteria but on proximity to those vested with the power to appoint.
    Yet, we have TWO OTHER BROTHERS, battling and circumventing, the many inequities of this discredited judicial system, seeking redress for its treatment of a minority community. They have burst upon the Tamil community’s consciousness and have tapped into that deep vein of despairing anger and hurt of the Indian community; long neglected. Whilst many of us may have empathized with the plight of poor Tamils, we have been fatalistic and contend that we are powerless. We often even blame the victims.
    It had required an enormous leap of faith, not withstanding the immense courage that Uthyakumar and his cohorts have demonstrated, that the PESSIMISM of INTELLECT, can juxtapose the OPTIMISM of WILL. They have in a short space of time delivered the deepest, most devoted, most unalterable kind of optimism; the optimism that can look despair in the face and keep on hoping.
    The exemplary possibilities they propose – To seek JUSTICE; social, economic and political, LIBERTY; of expression, belief, faith and worship, EQUALITY; of status and of opportunity to assure the dignity of the Hindu community – have captured hearts and minds.

    Now, the elections are on, I write to urge one and all to remain focussed and resolute and not to be swayed by pre election promises. Post elections, it is highly probable (despite tantalizing visions of change in Government) that the very same cabal will be in power. The need to keep the global participants engaged will be ever more important. The British and India government need to be kept on board. It will require a concerted effort by these countries to press the Malaysian government to engage the Hindu community. Meaningful change in the lives of Malaysian Tamil poor will not take place if the UMNO led government does not allow it. There is a strong moral and cogent argument for the British to help. Gordon Brown on his latest visit to India promised the country 800 million pounds in foreign aid. He should also be reminded of the descendents of Indian indenture labourers in Malaysia, who contributed to the massive development & wealth of Britain are in dire need of help restructure their lives. There is no need for bashfulness or reticence. The leverage both Britain and India can apply is crucial without which, the Tamil community will neither be ‘heard’ nor ’seen’ by the UMNO led government. The UMNO elite like to project Malaysia as powerful and influential nation on the international stage. They should be reminded that power and influence comes with responsibilities, and that includes how it treats it minorities. Conditions of many Tamils are far more acute, than even many in the Indian community understand it to be. It is a generational crisis; decades, of children being taught in schools, where both structure and substance are in terminal decay, poorly equipped and offering a 3rd rate education to the young socially disadvantage Tamil poor. Many of the school staff need better training or even retraining. For the children, it does not get better when they enter secondary schools; the cries of victimization by Muslim pupils, teachers and the education system in general are getting ever louder. These poorly educated Tamils turned out by such institutions are often unemployable and some are driven to crime and when caught, victims of a biased criminal justice system.
    Then, there are those who struggle to set up small business, often have to pay exorbitant fees to operate under Muslim licences. Poor housing and healthcare further compounds their wretched lives. The Indian Government and that of Tamilnadu some years ago mooted the possibility of help with implementing training strategies in Tamil schools in Malaysia; this should initiated and encouraged as a matter of URGENCY! India‘s educational and economic development are surging ahead. Their educational institutions, especially the IT sectors are on par with the West. Further, both India and Britain should help Tamil children with bursaries to pursue higher education, here in Malaysia or abroad. There is also a need for structured vocational training and apprentices to help many others.
    Beyond rhetoric there desperate need for action and this ‘wish List’, I hope will come to be realized.
    At the heart of all these concerns is a desperate need for constitutional amendments to the ‘Social Contract’ to officially recognize the rights of the Hindu/Tamil minority. Whichever way one may look at it, the status of Hindus in Malaysia is truly is in the hands of the Muslim majority – whether Malaysia becomes ‘Pseudo’ Arabia or truly Asia is of paramount importance to the future of it minority communities.


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