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Rashid is playing the game well. He has got to do it, reciprocating the gift of the Government for extension of his service. Financially he should be doing well.What he is required to do is simple and straight forward. You don’t have to be a genius to put things right. 104 voters are found aged above 100. This is not a laughing matter. The best source is of course the Registration Department. No details, go to the addresses given check by inquiries check with neighbors, get help from the Police.. Still no luck, advertise details, give them a time frame, and if no response is received delete their names. Can’t he do it. Only small things like this leads on to bigger mistakes, and if you can’t rectify a small mistake, can you be trusted to deal with big mistakes. Come Rashid, you are too told to be taught to suck eggs.What is wrong in you being questioned as if in a court of law. If not probed, you will run away with answers like, report to Police the ACA, let them investigate. But unfortunately your records are muddled and there is no way you are going to answer without probing questions. Are you aware you are the sole and main custodian of the electrol rolls and you have to, if necessary face a court to answer questions pertaining to the election register.

Your secretary dare not face the complainant of irregular registering, to listen and find solutions, do you still require a secretary of that nature. Does he want God to come down and confirm yes they are with me. How ludicrous.

The 104 voters is already a complaint. What the heck did you do or propose to do.

The Election Commission in India took action against Indira Gandhi for using Government facilities in her campaigning and she lost the elections won.

You are not in the category of the Indian Election Commission, and you can’t even if you want to. You are a paid servant of the Government and therefore obliged to favour them. But please or please no more press conferences trying to boost your ego, just do your job even though every one knows how badly you do it. Do you know how history will remember you “The innocent man who messed up the election process.” Mild perhaps, but it conveys the meaning.

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Earlier this week, electoral reform group Bersih has presented proof of the existence of 104 voters aged above 100 in the Selangor electoral roll to the Selangor EC.
Pressed by a reporter on this issue, he rebutted: “You want to argue over small things like this? You’re questioning me like in a court of law.”
EC secretary Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor, who was present, said the EC acknowledged the existence of the 104 registered centenarian voters but there is no proof to show that these people are dead.
He told critics to forward their complaints to the EC to be investigated.
Meanwhile, Abdul Rashid stressed that no election candidates should be involved in offering gifts to voters during campaigning as it violates provisions under the Election Offences Act 1954.
“But mind you, EC is not the agency to enforce (this law). The enforcement is by the police and if it involved corrupt practices, (the enforcer will be) Anti-Corruption Agency,” he explained.
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