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This is written by Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief, The Straits Times.She urgently requires a kick in the ass to put her right and to think rationally. She cannot interpose two different ideas, one correct and the other false, without facts and I can’t vouch much for her journalistic capability. Among her points in the article you read the following.:

Hindraf supporters children are trying to hand over flowers to Badawi on Valentime’s day. This is in doubt now that permission has been denied by the Police for the gathering.

Then she goes on to say BN cannot expect support from the 7 per cent Indian population because they feel that they are being marginalised, and 70% of the group live on society’s fringes and don’t enjoy access to jobs and education.

She said figures indicate Indians monthly income exceeds 15 higher than the national income. This is disputed but, I suppose she can have a say, but at the same time reckons there is a gap between rich and poor.

Next she refers to the Chinese, a bigger minority, receiving attention, which according to her is caused by an aggressive Malay Agenda and Islamisation.

Indians don’t form a majority, in any constitution, with only 10 Parliamentary and 34 state seats where Indians having a 20 per cent stake.

Rambling on she points out bigger issues on jobs, education, temple demolitions and conversion to Islam have not been resolved.

All these one would note, has been supportive of what the Indians have missed out and she also feels the government can’t do much at short notice.

Beautiful indeed. But the catch is here, she ends the article by hitting out at Hindraf as saying it is anti-Malay and anti Muslim.

This is where she uses the dagger of hate to plunge it deep and at the same time twisting it good. Where did she get this idea. Was it planted on her by someone, hoping the Indians would have cold feet and go back to MIC and Barisan. What specifically has Hindraf done to anger the Malays by being anti-Malay and anti-Islam. Even the government has not said Hindraf is anti Malay and anti-Muslim. It was reported the group had relations with some foreign terrorist organisations and later withdrew this allegation. Does this lady have more info than the government does.

I think she owes everybody an explanation.

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There is little that the government can really do in a short time, and without angering the Malay ground, which sees Hindraf as anti-Malay and anti-Muslim.
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