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Just minutes ago I posted my comments on lying. Please see above.
And now this. Amazing. I thought the PM decides on the date of dissolution and the Agong gives his consent for the date. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I just want to say, 1 lie can lead to 9 others. Old people are wise.

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What made you decide on today as the day to dissolve Parliament when yesterday you denied that you would do so today?
Abdullah: I cannot simply hint at the date for dissolution of Parliament because the King had not reached a decision. I cannot be giving statements or any kind of signal. That can’t happen.
The King must be the first to know about the matter and it is he who will decide (on the date of the dissolution of Parliament before I can announce it).
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One Comment

  1. tapi takkan tak boleh kata “saya akan mengadap Seri Paduka esok.. semua keputusan atas Seri Paduka”…

    Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri….
    Cakap bohong lama lama jadi Dollah Badawi..

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