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This is a posting from Anil Netto in Penang. Penang is jinxed for Sami, last time booed live on TV and now this. Somebody said Samy behaves like a mandor in a rubber/palm oil estate and expects the labourers to kowtow to him. Perhaps this stems from the fact that he originally came from Rengo Malay Estate near Kluang. But that was many eons ago, things have changed, but Samy still believes he is a mandor as any grass root MIC chap will tell you. Samy grow up.

Yet, at Putrajaya when Badawi announced the dissolution of Parliment he trumpets his dare that MIC is able to take on anybody anywhere and any time.

The most unkind cut is:

“But I must say that the BN leadership has taken good care of that. The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister have made several announcements to say that everything will be taken care of. I don’t think in any other country will the Prime Minister come down to such a level to say that the issues will be taken care of.

“I know both of them. When they say something, they will do it. I’m very happy about what they have said but at the same time I must say that it is not that the Indian community is 50 years backward…maybe five years backward,” he added.

Does he know what he is blabbering. Badawi spoke to NGO’s to know the difficulties of the Indians, and far as UMNO is concerned he is more a burden than an asset. UMNO leaders have told him that politely without any malice. But being a man with a mandor attitude I wish him well. Another note worthy fact is that he is 5 years behind the benefits the UMNO leaders have over him. I wonder if he is speaking of himself or the Indians.

Samy Vellu walks out in a huff as students fail to humour him

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Samy Vellu again. This time at an MIC-organised meet-the-students function at the City Bayview Hotel in Penang yesterday evening.

Present were about 200 STPM Indian Malaysian students and college students from around Penang who were probably invited through Indian students’ societies.

One source told me the students falied to humour and “cooperate” with Samy Vellu and they did not answer his exploratory questions properly. Apparently the students were invited for the briefing because they were supposed to be more “open-minded” and untainted by the Hindraf issue. Another source, whose daughter was present at the briefing, told me it was the STPM students – rather than the more subdued college students – who gave the MIC president a hard time.

Needless to say, Samy was not impressed and stormed out of the hall after about 10 minutes, cutting short a session that was supposed to last much longer. As he walked out in a huff, students hooted to express their displeasure and some switched on their mobile phones so that their friends could listen in on the commotion.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, it’s not going to be easy for Samy to hold public talks or even closed-door briefings to the public. (Er, what’s this about government warnings to students not to get involved in politics?) Seems to me that the groundswell against Samy Vellu and the MIC is much larger than even the MIC president could have imagined.

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