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UMNO wants him. Indians want to drown him. UMNO leaders like him. Indian community hates him. But being an Indian, I hope he has not forgotten that, he must listen to the Indians.Secondly, his importance is waning, perhaps UMNO is holding on to a lame horse.
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I believe, as an observer of local communal politics, Samy Vellu would be retained for the next general elections not because the MIC or Indian community needs him but because Umno needs him to fill their coffers by his ways of obtaining contracts in countries such as India and other Third World countries.
I dare to say that not one Umno leader could do what Samy Vellu has done for the past 28 years with the exception of Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz.
Having read Federal Territory MIC chief V Saravanan’s idiotic and misinformed suggestion that Samy Vellu be given yet another lease to lead the Indian community again, I think these jokers are merely supporting the president in order to climb the political ladder.
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  1. I believe that there is nothing much for Samy Vellu here in politics. Let’s just forget about what he had done. he should be stepping out of politics. Indian people are not in favour of him anymore, so step out and let others do the job. Samy should be taking rest at his home. JUZ BEING RATIONAL!

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