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Just lately I wrote about Pinocchio, the wooden puppet that turned into a boy, and when the boy tells a lie his nose bigger and grows longer. You can read this below:

I was then referring to Samy Vellu, the biggest liar of all, who has perfected the skill of lying to loftier heights and has been doing so for 32 years. Hard to beat his record and the only thing missing is that his name has been left out from world records. But he carries on undaunted that people will listen to the lies he tells and then aside or out of sight they call him a liar and then take his words with a pinch of salt and to add insult laugh behind his back. He has a thick skin, that any MIC chap can vouch for.

Our Prime Minister is competing with him, not for want of lies uttered but his tenure of 4 years cannot beat that of 32 years. Otherwise both are doing well in trying to out beat one another. Yesterday he said no dissolution of Parliament and today he does exactly that. We are told that possibly he chose the day 13th because that is his lucky number. He runs the country not on political or economic fundamentals but by feng-chui, astrology, taro cards, palm reading and so forth. Going by this will the candidates chosen at Barisan Nasional will have a scattering of charlatans able to predict the future.

By keeping on lying a person reaches a stage more serious sometimes referred to as a pathological liar and that means according to Wikipedia:

A pathological liar is someone who often embellishes his or her stories in a way that he or she believes will impress people. It may be that a pathological liar is different from a normal liar in that a pathological liar believes the lie he or she is telling to be true—at least in public—and is “playing” the role. He or she sometimes is seen to have a serious mental problem that needs to be rectified.

I hope these gentleman have not reached this state.

Within 24 hours the Prime Minister changes his stand. Can he in fairness to the people who are observing this, explain why he did so. Is there some other persuasive powers that influenced this thinking. Is there a hidden hand that made the Prime Minister lie.

How many times have the politicians lied,and how often do they say sorry. When bloggers point out the inconsistency do they reply – no they maintain golden silence. Then later it is convenient to say the bloggers are misleading the people but who originates the lie, is it not the politician. The culture that is ongoing now is that bloggers and others scrutinise every word politicians utter, dissect it, and point out mistakes. If in the first place the politician thinks before uttering some nonsense, there is no need for comments. If comments are made why can’t these chaps correct it or say something. As long as politicians keep quiet, more and more bloggers are going to appear, as the political atmosphere in this country gives room for so much comments to be made, and anything said by the government is not taken seriously, the first thought is, there goes another lie.

A saying goes 1 lie leads to 9 other lies to cover up the first. When the head lies does that mean the others who follow him can lie with impunity. This sickness, will it not affect families, students and small children. What type of example are we setting to be followed. Do we like to be called Malaysian liars. Please ponder.


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