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To my mind ACA is not Anti Corruption Agency, but a more fitting name would be Aiding(Abetting) Corruption Agency. Will the ACA investigate the RM 3000 bribe given to Jeyanti, or will Jeyanti be investigated for receiving the bribe. A good drama.
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On Explosive revelations against Lingam
Raj: I am completely devastated and have lost the tiny faith I had in the ACA. Jayanthi’s statement has caused the ACA to lose its credibility and integrity as the only institution that cannot be corrupted. All is gone down the drain forever. Never in the history of ACA has an accusation been so explicit – that a complainant or witness was bribed by the officers of the very institution that is regarded as the guardian of honesty and integrity.
This a shameful and disgraceful act. But it is also portrays how the entire system in this country has rotted in the name of nepotism, cronyism and political abuse.
It is time for all Malaysians to wake up from their sleep; exercise their rights and ensure BN doesn’t get its two third majority this time around. Only then can the rakyat. together with a strong opposition, compel the government to ensure that the ACA is independent and answerable only to parliament directly.
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