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Recently, during a political speech, Samy Vellu announced that he will return RM1.30 for every RM1 invested in Maika Holdings and set a deadline of 100 days to do so. At the end of the deadline, however, he conveniently turned around and said that he has nothing to do with Maika Holdings because Maika Holdings is a business enterprise and he is only the president of MIC.

The managing director of Maika Holdings, Vel Pari, the son of Samy Vellu, then said that he did not know of any such deadline and, as such, is not bound to honour any kind of commitment.

Every time Maika shares is mentioned, I know it brings on anger from the contributors. To assuage their anger, what if they assume Maika shares became Naika (for dogs) shares. I am not flippant or crazy, when dogs have eaten the shares what else is to be done. Beat the dog. Yes. You have the coming elections to do that.

After Hindraf Samy’s verbal diarrhoea precedes his mental faculty to think. Please forgive him. When he made the first announcement to pay RM 1.30 was he not the president.

As for Vel Pari, he is clamouring for the velu or vel dynasty. Every one from Nehru, Bhutto, Ling, and others are doing it, but Vel Pari ask yourself are you there.

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