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Your successor upped his finger on you.. You can’t deny that. It pains, but being an ex please shut up. Your successor was given an Hobson’s, agree or else jump into the Prai river, how humiliating, not even the sea. You are still wondering why Badawi was sure of what he said, he had not done it before, and what made him do it. Come on old man I can’t teach you to suck eggs.On a parting note, are you still checking on what people do behind rubber trees. Thought about a thesis to improve yourself?
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Keng Yaik said he had deliberately announced in December last year that Dr Koh should remain in Penang, Gerakan’s power base, to force force the present Gerakan leadership and Central Committee (CC) to decide on the Penang chief minister’s succession as the general election was fast approaching.
“That was my reaction to the attack by DAP and PKR on Gerakan for not deciding on the chief minister’s successor. Once we felt confident that the candidate is ready, Dr Koh can go elsewhere,” the outspoken politician said.
Asked why he had to go public as he had the choice of passing the message to the party leadership through the CC, the party’s highest decision-making body, he said: “It was my instinct”. As party adviser, Keng Yaik is also a CC member.
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