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Take your time to read to read the history of MIC in the pdf file above.

The original comes from a e-mail message from Makkal Sakthi. Thank you sir for your contribution and we look forward to the second part of the article. He must have spend some considerable number of hours or days to research this article.

The article makes me to ponder the following points:

Out of the 7 MIC leaders, past and present, who contributed the most in terms of socio-economic progress of the Indians.

Is it Manickavasagam or Sami Vellu when it comes to the non-fulfillment of the vacancy of Athi Nahappan?

Thugs come to my mind when the Telecoms shares and Maika issues surface. Has any one first hand information on this besides what came out in the media.

This is sensitive, especially to those who believe in the Indian caste system although belief of this nature has out lived the traditions our forefathers brought along from India. Does this caste still prevail even now in MIC.

Feel free to comment and I shall from time to time post on these subjects.


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  1. Informative reading – TQ for circulating. Though had never known much about the MIC history, it is nice to now know that my opinion of the MIC is correct – even from a historical perspective.

    Never cared much for the sellouts – realised they were useless a long time ago – the family have always been staunch DAP supporters.

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