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Quote: “If there is NO sufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”
-Chew Mei Fun

At 43 years of age, my sympathies go to this woman. She has no time for love and this is understandable. She is alarmed that having a husband and family is not right now as her energies are directed towards having sufficient Chinese representation in Barisan Nasional and her worst fears being what if May 13 returns.

She may consider love after the elections is over and if there are enough Chinese representatives in Government. Otherwise she prefers being an old maid.

Ong Kah Thim has decided that she must be the sacrificial goat, by announcing her candidacy especially against an uprising dynamic new DAP man. Chew will be one less Chinese representative, and this alone would not allow love to bloom.

At any rate at 43 you are not a spring chicken, and with the inherent fear of May 13, it is not wrong to assume she is going to spend a long frustrated lonely life.

Who is to stop her in her determination.

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UALA LUMPUR: Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun is too busy to think about love.�

“I want to concentrate on my career. Now is not the right time to think about love,” said the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry parliamentary secretary and Wanita MCA deputy chief.�

But how does her stand on love tally with the MCA Cupid Club’s purpose of helping singles find their future partner?�

Chew, the former chairman of the club, said marriage was a choice.�

“It is something very personal and I respect the individual’s view and what they want. �

“We provide the Cupid service as a community service when people need it. Likewise, for me it is my own choice in life to marry or not,” Chew said at the MCA Chinese New Year open house on Thursday.�

On whether she would defend her seat, Chew replied:�

“I think so, because my president already openly announced that he would strongly recommend me,” she added.�

Chew also said she was well prepared for the elections. �

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  1. Actually all the Chinese women are like that. Most Chinese men are not married and why is the Chinese dropping in numbers. God knows how to punish the arrogance of Men (this case Women, or the Chinese). Only vanity can kill the Chinese and it is through the womb (or the lack of it). Hidup Melayu.

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