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This is from the Sin Chew newspaper interview with Prime Minister Badawi.
People who made extreme remarks cannot be candidates. If you still select them, then, you are putting the wrong horse in the race. A lame horse can never pass the winning post ahead of other horses. It will limp past the post as the last horse. I hope you understand this Prime Minister.
Secondly, the Prime Minister wants to win the elections in style, and you are not starting off well by choosing lame horses. Will the people forget so easily that these are lame horses.
In the same breath you talk about serving the people, the community, and treating people fairly Don’t bother, these lame horses won’t win.
Hisham should answer why he unsheathed the kris, and if he cannot answer what past good record you are talking about. How long will it take for him to show the kris to Ong and Samy. Once bitten twice shy it is said. He is forced to help settle issues of Chinese primary schools because of elections. Do you think the people are not aware of it. Hisham, although another lame horse, will win because you would give him a safe seat. But please do not forget you will have to tolerate this lame horse for another five years, and he has to live with the guilt of his action. His name as one who brandishes a keris will be there forever.
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Abdullah did not give any positive answer on the question if those who have
made extreme remarks would be removed in the coming general elections.
However, he stressed that “we want to ensure all the candidates are serving
the people and the community. We want them to treat all the people fairly.
All developments are to benefit the people of all ethnic. The candidates

should comply with these conditions.”

Abdullah has also commented on the action the UMNO Youth chairman Datuk Seri
Hishammuddin Hussein unsheathing the keris at the UMNO General Assembly,

which was criticised as anti-Chinese.

“Let’s look at the past record of Hishammuddin. What he has done? You can
ask Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and other leaders.
Hishammuddin has done his part very well. He is concerned and has settled
all the issues of Chinese primary schools.

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