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I love this guy. What concern, what magnanimous thoughts, lover of Indian youths, friendly, approachable etc etc but, the people lost RM 80,000. Don’t worry he can be contacted at 03-88824155 or you can e-mail him He is there to help. Thanks Nor.

Indians promised jobs in Government


Indians promised jobs in Government


BUTTERWORTH: Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop has promised to get Indian youths jobs in the Government if their applications are rejected without reason.

“I will help you get the jobs,” he told a dialogue with eight Indian-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs) here.

He said Indian youths could voice their grouses to him and he would ensure that they would not be overlooked when vacancies are filled.


Friendly atmosphere: Nor Mohamed (second from right) talking with representatives of Indian NGOs after a closed-door meeting in Seberang Jaya, Butterworth, on Friday.

“If there are vacancies at any department, and if they feel they are qualified and have been rejected without valid reasons, I will help them get the jobs.

“We want to ensure youths of all races are given equal opportunities to work in the government sector,” he said.

He said the departments and agencies included the Penang Port Commission and district offices.

The lack of job opportunities for Indian youths in certain departments was among issues discussed at the two-hour closed-door meeting.

Nor Mohamed Yakcop said other issues raised were the lack of skills training for Indian youths as well as lack of funds for small-scale Indian businessmen.

“The Government has and will extend opportunities for Indian youths to get places in institutions such as Giat Mara,” he said.

He noted that the Government had recently set up a RM10mil fund to be given out as loans to small-scale entrepreneurs from all races.

Nor Mohamed also contributed RM80,000 to eight Indian NGOs in Seberang Prai.


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