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Do you realise that both the mayor and his spokesman have no clue as to why Jawi scripts appear on the signboards. Arabs and Islam Hadhari have no bearing on the issue. Both these guys are emulating what the Prime Minister and his Government do. A good thing the reply was not the people in Taman Seputeh are given free Jawi lessons and the Mayor will nod his head and say yes.
Islam Hadhari is being ridiculed and does the Mayor understand this. What religion suggests signboards must come in a certain language. Poor Islam Hadhari.
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On Islamic authorities getting out of handConcerned Citizen: DBKL has recently replaced all street sign in Taman Seputeh. Now the street names also appear in Jawi script apparently to attract Arab tourists. When the mayor was informed that Arab tourists never come to Taman Seputeh, his spokesmen replied that having street names in Jawi was in line with Islam Hadhari.

I hope that he is not pulling a fast one on us residents of Taman Seputeh. I appeal to the PM to make a clarification. In the event what DBKL says is true then other residents in housing estates in Kuala Lumpur should also enjoy what residents of Taman Seputeh enjoy.

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  1. The MP for Taman Seputeh is from DAP. Is UMNO sending a message?

  2. Even the age old Penang free School has had it’s dose of this Islam Hadhari stuff. Now the name of the school is written in Jawi. The Jawi script side is the main side facing the road. Maybe some one can post a picture…

  3. This ia all bullshit

  4. Is Jawi and the Arabian script the same thing?
    Or can the Middle Eastern tourists really read Jawi?
    Maybe some linguist can throw some light in this issue.

  5. I think there are more CHINESE & AFRICAN tourists in Jalan Kelang Lama and Puchong areas, when will the signboards get the Chinese & African translation?
    Am I dreaming?

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