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A desperate Prime Minister pleads with the Chinese to vote MCA and Gerakan and fears the Chinese voice will not be heard in the cabinet and other decision bodies if the Chinese disown the two parties. One of the reason why Chinese and others are against the coalition parties is that these non-Malay leaders are dumb and do not use the power given to them by the people. They prefer to listen to UMNO and carry out their duties as “your faithful servant”. In fact as the Prime Minister worries Malaysia is ruled by a single party and the others just bow down to the wishes of UMNO. How many times have the non-Malay leaders protested when decisions are made by the Government that does not reflect multi racialism.
The opposition parties will at least make some noise when unjust actions take place and the people are aware and take note of the superiority shown by UMNO. Democracy means Government decisions are transparent, and thanks to the Opposition a lot of unfair actions by the Government is made known. A secular country becomes a Muslim country and this too is against the constitution. What part was played by the non-Malay leaders. Are they stupid not to understand the implications. Even as the election nears has any MCA, or Gerakan leader said something. Can the MCA and Gerakan examine their conscience and actions and truly say we are there to protect the Chinese. I doubt it.
Yes UMNO will support MCA and Gerakan as long as it benefits the ruling party. MCA and Gerakan are there to make up the numbers and to create a picture the ruling Government is multi racial. To be honest the worst enemies of the Chinese are the leaders of MCA and Gerakan, and the reason why UMNO lords over everything is because of the weakness of the non-Malay leaders. Whether they are in or out of the Government makes very little difference. In one word they are a burden and nothing else.
Cultural heritage remains as it is and no regulation or rule is going to change it. Chinese use chop sticks, must there be a rule to classify this as a cultural heritage. Deputy minister Datuk Wong Kam Hoong is trying to reengineer heritage followed by the Chinese. Assuming the Arts, Cultural and Heritage Ministry feels char kuay teow does not meet the requirements to be made into a cultural heritage will it be over night banned from being sold. Come-lah Wong I am sure you have other important things to do.

Don’t lose voice in Cabinet, Chinese advised

THE Chinese will lose the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process at the Cabinet level if they fail to support the MCA and Gerakan in the elections ahead.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that if the MCA and Gerakan were to lose seats, Barisan Nasional would end up as a one-race party ruling a multiracial country.

In an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily on Feb 2 and reported on Tuesday, Abdullah said he would be sad to see a weaker Chinese voice in the Cabinet, Parliament, state assembly and other bodies involved in decision making.

As a Prime Minister, Barisan Nasional chairman and Umno president, Abdullah said he wanted to see Barisan as a ruling party for all races.

Abdullah said he was sure that the Malays would continue to support MCA and Gerakan.

Asked to predict the performance of MCA and Gerakan in the coming elections, Abdullah said: “To support or not, I leave it to the non-Malays to decide whether to elect representatives who can reflect their voice in the Cabinet,” he said.

Abdullah stressed that Umno wanted a strong MCA and Gerakan.

Yee Sang heritage
China Press reported that the Arts, Cultural and Heritage Ministry has proposed to list yee sang tossing as a cultural heritage, quoting its deputy minister Datuk Wong Kam Hoong.

Last year, a total of 50 items were listed as a cultural heritage. This included the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall building and high pole lion dance performance.

Apart from tossing yee sang, Wong also said he proposed to list Hainanese chicken rice, char kuay teow, yong tau foo, prawn mee, the 24 segment drums and giant drums as cultural heritage items as well.

Don’t lose voice in Cabinet, Chinese advised


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