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What are the 7 issues, or is it 8 according to this letter writer in Malaysiakini:

1. an equitable participation in the share market;

2. Indian intake in public universities;

3. better employment opportunities, especially in the public sector;

4. increase the number of government scholarships;

5. greater access to entrepreneurship training and micro-credit loans;

6. an effective urban poverty eradication programme; and.

7. the establishment of a dedicated mechanism to monitor and evaluate the delivery of public sector services in a just and fair manner.

Before coming to the letter, let us ponder over the 7 issues as brought out by Samy Vellu. One need not have to go further as, if these 7 issues are implemented by the government, which I don’t thing it will agree to, can you imagine the progress of the Indians. In 5 years time the Indians will be prosperous competing with the other races. Do UMNO just smile and say good the Indians are progressing well and it augurs well for the country. The wealth and socio economic benefits do not come out of thin air but it will be at the expense of the UMNO group of Malays. For UMNO that is political suicide.
The 7 issues sound comprehensive, but even if the government agrees, for the sake of gaining the Indians vote, will the Little Napoleons of the civil service allow the implementation. In this country leaders say something but the implementation is another matter entirely.
It is an open secret any concession given to the Indians, comes through MIC. Do you think the cup will flow over so much so that after MIC leaders and members after taking their share will allow the benefits to be channeled to the ordinary Indians – fat hope.
The letter below talks about the 8th issue. Maika and the Telecoms share issues are like a repeating nightmare. There is no end. Samy Vellu would want to wave the magic wand to make the Indians forget the past. It is not that easy is it. The story of the Indians relating to the present plight is there for everybody to see. It is not fiction. Therefore the Indians have to stand alone without MIC because this group does not really care as long as the members can fill their pockets. All talk of helping the Indians is pure rubbish. The opposition may not do much as the ruling party will ensure only their members benefit. But the least the Indians can take comfort that they did the right thing in denying the MIC because of the past history.

What about the eighth issue, Samy?

Film Citizen | Feb 4, 08 4:02pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Seven issues affecting the Indians.

After being a leader of the Indian community for 30 years now, S Samy Vellu raised the seven issues affecting the Indians in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak at PWTC.

All this 30 years, what have they (the Barisan Nasional and MIC) done to elevate the needs of the Indian community?

Samy has knowingly omitted the eighth issue that is close to heart of the 80,000 odd shareholders of Maika Holdings who were cheated and promised that their investments will bring decent returns to help them improve their wealth accumulation.

Why was this issue not raised at the meeting? Are they hiding the abuses by all those who headed Maika? The biggest culprit is the founder of Maika Holdings who raised RM100 million. What was done with the money/funds collected for which no one is prepared to answer at MIC AGMs.

There were so many reports about the management of Maika and the Telekom share issue but no authority was bold enough to take action because it is an Indian company. Let them wind up for no matter what happens, the Indians will blindly vote for Barisan Nasional.

Our great leader is panicking now and to garner the Indian votes, he comes around with another election promise. Please do not fall into the trap. Let us be united and vote for deserving cases and not the clowns who have deprived and plundered the community in every aspect.

This started from the fragmentation of the estates, the taking over of estate land for development without any consideration for the re-settlement of Indians, the forced migration of Indians to urban squatters, the lack of rehabilitation programmes for the Indians so that they could survive, the depleted condition of Tamil schools and you name it.

Why is there a sudden up surge in interest to help the Indian community? The answer to this question is that the general election is not far away and our votes are very crucial to the MIC leaders and our Umno masters. So our mandor Samy Vellu will be out in the streets begging for our votes but do they deserve our votes?

The year 2008 should be a watershed to show the entire nation and the world that Indian Malaysians are very hurt over the marginalisation of the community, the arrest of the Hindraf leaders under ISA. We should cast protest votes against the Barisan. This will be a great lesson to the political masters to show them that every community is important to the nation no matter how small the number is when there is an election.

May God guide and give strength to the Indians to face the challenges ahead as the political masters have sucked up our rights and opportunities. But the Indians will survive no matter what happens.

What about the eighth issue, Samy?


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    • Vejayan Chinnaiah
    • Posted February 9, 2008 at 11:54 pm
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    There come the 9th issue and it flows thereafter………………….no body knows the end.

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