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It would appear that V.K.Lingam did not leave out any judge, or at least, the most prominent ones. Wow the power and influence he wielded sure makes me wonder on the quality of the judiciary. There are 4 more judges mentioned. Will have to wait for the Royal Commission Inquiry findings.

More judges implicated

Beh Lih Yi | Feb 4, 08 3:39pm

news flash Lawyer VK Lingam’s younger brother, V Thirunama Karasu (pix), today alleged more under-table ties between the lawyer and judges at the inquiry into the explosive judge-fixing video clip involving the prominent lawyer.


The names of several judges – apart from former chief justice Mohd Eusoff Chin who has been implicated earlier – were brought up for the first time during Thirunama’s testimony today.

They included former Court of Appeal judges Lamin Yunus, Mokhtar Sidin, serving Court of Appeal judge Low Hop Bing and former Industrial Court chairperson W Satchianandan.

Thirunama, who took the stand as the 18th witness, also said he was ‘100 percent’ sure the person in the video clip was Lingam and he was ‘110 percent’ sure he (Thirunama) was not mad as alleged by his elder brother.

“I can recognise from his body language, he talks very loud, his movement, he gets very excited in a conversation and the words ‘correct, correct, correct’ – the words he used so many times when I work for him,” he told the commission.

[Full report to follow]

More judges implicated



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