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The newspapers are full of these. The government is all out to make the people happy. Their main aim is to convince the people that part of the governing involves giving them goodies here and there. Ask and it shall be given seems to be the motto. The Prime Minister says, quote “”Whenever the complaints, requests are right, genuine, appropriate, definitely we will consider them… whatever we can give, which are appropriate, we will implement. This is the principle we uphold all this while in the development of our country,”. So it is now giving time and even Santa Claus cannot match up.

Now, what is the duty of the people. Can you be ungrateful and forget you have received goodies. The component parties like MCA and MIC are blowing their trumpets, see how good the government is. So, what is our part rather than elect the free givers. Some ungrateful people grumble, what is the big deal, it’s our money anyhow. A definite no, goodies are only given on special events like a birthday and that is actually what is happening now. So will there will be goodies next year the people ask. Yes, definitely if it is an election. What are you telling me that these goodies come every five years once. I am afraid so. So what now. Receive and ask for more. It will be granted. If you don’t then it is going to be a long wait. Please decide.

Long Wait

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