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Indians never had it better. Look around, appreciate, feel grateful and say thank you to all those groups who are bend on assisting the Indians, come what may, to make them special, privileged, and be a class of their own. Indians are assured that they will be up-lifted to a point where paradise will have to be a second place compared to Malaysia and Indians will forever live happily on this new paradise.
Let as pause for a moment, take stock and itemise the various groups who are hell-bent in offering help and assistance to the impoverished Indians. The forerunner is none other than MIC. How could the Indians ever forget the past contributions, the present on-going measures being taken and the planning of the future for the sake of the Indians. Are not the Indians ashamed of themselves for receiving so much from the MIC. Look at the leader, Datuk Samy Vellu, are Indians bereft of sympathy and compassion for this noble leader. Can’t you see him worn out, tired, appearing older than his age in the media. How he toils, dreams, running here and there, a day in Ipoh, another in Sungei Siput and then back to Ipoh again, forever busy and all he cares for, are the Indians. Indians must not be greedy and avaricious. The Indian New Economy is more than what the Indians ever expected. Enough is enough. Can we now say thank you to Samy Vellu, and allow him time to look after himself. Indians overlook the fact that he has families of his own to look after, that he has to save something for the future so that he can have a well earned retirement. The time has come gentlemen and women to desist and say no more, you don’t want a fellow Indian to suffer, particularly at old age, do you.
Then we have Pandithan and his group, Nallakarupan and his group, another splintered group from Pandithan’s group, anymore, I have left out. They are doing so much good for the Indians, believe me, the cup runs over. Even to these group, the Indians graciously request, please no more, look after yourself, your families and friends. The Indians do not want to be guilty of selfish motives in wanting everything at the expense of you.
As the Indians relax and enjoy all the goodies brought in by our Indian leaders, there comes another, S.Vijayaratnam who wants to join the band wagon. He is from Gerakan, a party well known for its philanthropic work. This causes a problem. There are Indian based philanthropic political parties who have traditionally led us through the maze of difficulties encountered and satisfied every whim and fancy of the Indians. The Indians are more than satisfied, but tradition has it that one cannot be rude if a gift is offered. So Gerakan, what is that you to offer. A good old Tamil saying goes you can’t see the teeth of a cow given to you free. Thus, let the Indians be politic, and clarify with Gerakan the following.
Your idea of a Tamil Kindergarten is wise. Where are you going to get the funding. Normal Tamil schools have shortcomings like bad state of repairs, school is held in a container, funds are approved for another school but some one goofed it up and the school did not benefit at all, and so forth. Shouldn’t normal schools take priority. I thought the Hindu Sangam is or has a database on temples. Are you going to improve on the details of the database or what. Jobs, business and social issues are there. Here again do you know the extend of all these problems or is this a stereotype assumption that lots of Indians are drunkards.
Ah yes, finally, did not your leader say something about Indians hiding behind rubber trees in Bruas. Has he changed now – his observation. It may sound good if this is clarified because the Indians will not be bamboozled by this sudden hype of interest by your party. Or is this because of the wrongly spelt word erection. Please get back.

Gerakan task force for Indians

Jan 30, 08 2:26pm

Gerakan has formed a special task force on the Indian community which will be headed by party vice-president S Vijayaratnam.

In a statement today, the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party said there are four sub-committees to look into the various problems faced by the community.

The sub-committees are focusing on education, religion and cultural affairs, employment and imageentrepreneurship as well as social and family development.

As for education, Vijayaratnam said the committee has recommended the establishment of kindergartens in Tamil schools.

“This is based on the experience of the Maju-Diri organisation in Penang, which has successfully implemented the scheme in some Tamil schools in the state.

“We intend to expand this to other states through the cooperation of Gerakan elected representatives,” he added.

Database on temples

On religion, Vijayaratnam said a database is being set-up on registered and unregistered temples nationwide.

“In this we will seek the assistance of other related associations, non-governmental organisations and other BN parties,” he added.

Under employment, the vice-president said the committee is exploring ways and means of getting jobs for Indians in various sectors, including the civil service.

“We will also get Indians acquainted with SMEs, small businesses and help locate and obtain financial assistance and loans from banks, government sources, etc.”

As for social issues, the committee is addressing problems such as alcoholism and domestic violence.

“Gerakan resource centre (Sedar) will also be involved. The committee will also look into sourcing funds to finance the various activities proposed,” said Vijayaratnam.

Other members on the committee are vice-chairman and party vice-president Dr Teng Hock Nan, party deputy secretary-general Lum Wng Keong, central committee members Gooi Hoe Hin and A Kohilan Pillay, Youth central committee member G Krishnan, Wanita central committee member B Jayanthi and Penang state liaison committee member N Gobalakrishnan.

image Vijayaratnam said more members will be appointed in future.

The plight of the Indian community in Malaysia made headlines following the Nov 25 massive street rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

While the government has accused the movement of being an extremist outfit, observers credit it for spawning a political awakening in the community and forcing the government to act on the community’s grouses and woes.

Five key leaders of Hindraf are currently being detained without trial under the Internal Security Act.

Gerakan task force for Indians

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  1. Haven’t the Indians in Malaysia lent that MIC didn’t lift a finger to help the mid and lower class over the past 50 years? Still trust what Samy says and promises? Please be patient for another 50 years, lah. Samy just trying to stay in power until he gets his Tunship so that he cannot be touched. Think, think, think…… and think again; was it I who said it?

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