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And Rashid the Elecion Commission Chairman says he has no time to complete investigations. He is a dumb ass and elections in this country does not follow democratic principals.

Are the 17000 who registered with the SPR in the last quarter eligible to vote in the coming elections?
The Elections Commission Chairman has announced that over seventeen thousand have registered as voters between the months of October-December2008 but these voters may not be eligible to vote in the coming elections as “investigations could not be completed by then”. This is really disappointing. Or are the 17000 new voters perceived as going to vote against the Barisan in the coming elections. Why it takes such a long time to verify and gazette the new voters? We urge the SPR to speed up the process and gazette all the eligible voters so that they can vote in the coming elections. The SPR should if the need be employ more staff for this purpose. The SPR wants powers to sue those who make “wild allegations” against the SPR. Instead of trying to shield from criticisms the SPR should come clean and do its primary work of gazetting eligible voters the soonest possible.
The SPR spends over RM80 million a year to carry out voter registration exercise. All this is shear waste of tax payer’s money as all the particulars of eligible voters could be obtained from the National Registration Department and the data could be used to up date the records of the SPR.

In countries like New Zealand and in many other countries:

  1. a voter can register as a voter a day before elections and why this is not the case in Malaysia;
  2. can register as a voter by email but this not possible in Malaysia;
    The SPR chief has traveled widely around the globe to witness the election process but the question is why the good practices in those countries are not implemented in Malaysia? Recently we met him in Ipoh and he had just come back after the Australian general elections but nothing has changed since then.

My Voice :: Pak Lah take Dr.Mahathir’s advice, release Hindraf 5 :: January :: 2008


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  1. BN is again trying to ensure that they achieve a 2/3rd majority to continue with their dirty schemes. Blame it on the inefficiency of the SPR even though AB claims that the public sector has improved by leaps and bounds. This is MALAYSIA lah!

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