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The Royal Commission of Inquiry is defying the Agong. Unfortunately he has no powers to act being a constitutional monarch, but from now on I am sure he can say “please don’t drag my name because you do not need me anymore”
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The royal commission of inquiry probing the scandalous judge-fixing video clip, dubbed as the Lingam tape, today decided not to accept the third segment of the clip which was revealed on Monday.
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  1. We live in a society that’s highly selective
    We conveniently leave out what’s deemed defective
    We constantly live under the guise of being effective
    We easily forget that we’re on the path that’s destructive

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 300108
    Wed. 30th Jan. 2008.

  2. For the latest updates &
    MORE PICS – Day 12 – RCI – ACA Sloppy Investigations of Telephone Nos of Key Persons in Video Clip; Rejects 3rd Video Clip & Cannot View it (not verified Authentic); Shafee (with photos negatives) not required to Testify; RCI extended to Monday – last witness Thirunama Karasu;
    Go H E R E

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