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Another routine case of arresting an illegal band. What made me laugh was, now our Immigration Officers have turned Moral Officers. Surprisingly, it took them 3 days to come to a conclusion on a moral issue of wearing bras and panties. Why are they so concerned on morality, when you have others doing the job. City Hall had not been doing their work and the Immigration Department volunteered to help. I suggest Immigration chaps be trained to detect moral or immoral performance as their expertise is nil, having had to witness the band repeatedly for 3 days before hitting the right answer. While they were there they should have also helped the Customs Department to check on the drinks served. They could have taken a week to do that. Talk of efficiency, Immigration Department takes the honour.
Another fear, while going through any Immigration check-post see that you are morally dressed failing which, you know the consequences don’t you.Immigration enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed, you and your men are doing a good job. Congrats.

Mariam Thany

THE Immigration Department will propose to City Hall to revoke the operating licence of an entertainment outlet in Jalan Ipoh for illegally hiring a foreign band.


Immigration enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed said such a move would serve as a warning to all entertainment outlets to toe the line when it comes to hiring foreign acts.
“In previous cases, only the club owners had to pay the fines. But this time, we take a serious view of the offence committed by the lounge in Jalan Ipoh,” he told The Malay Mail yesterday.
Last Thursday, the performance by the seven women was cut short by eight Immigration flying squad officers, who had posed as patrons for three nights, when they nabbed 11 illegal workers in the lounge.
The lounge, which had been operating between 9pm and 2.30am for a month, had not applied for professional passes for the foreign band, rendering them illegal workers. Ishak said the indecent performance by the female Filipino and Thai band members, who performed nightly in bras and underwear, was immoral.
“We can decide on the penalties to be imposed if the owner was only found guilty of hiring illegal foreign band but in this case, the owner had crossed the line,” he said.
It was learnt that the lounge was competing with other clubs in the neighbourhood, thus it had probably decided on getting the women strip to their bras and underwear after a few riffs to attract more customers.
Besides the band members, two Bangladeshi bartenders were detained in the two-hour raid.
Those detained were aged between 20 and 25.
The club manager was also arrested for hiring foreign workers without permits.
Investigations revealed that the band members had entered the country as tourists and were granted social visit passes.
Foreign bands are supposed to obtain special permits from the Immigration Department as well as the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry before they can enter the country to perform.
Those detained in last week’s raid face charges under Section 33(b) and Section 55(b) of the Immigration Act 1959/63.
If found guilty, they can be fined up to RM10,000 or jailed up to five years, or both.
Ishak said illegal foreign performers who are nabbed in raids will be charged in court before they are deported.
They would also be blacklisted from entering the country again. Last month, a club in Damansara was also raided by the Immigration officers for illegally hiring foreign workers.
The owner was fined RM21,000 for hiring illegal foreign workers.
“However, the band members performing there were decently dressed and they did not perform any immoral acts on stage,” said Ishak.
He urged local authorities to seriously consider revoking the operating licences of entertainment outlets if their performers were caught performing immoral acts.
The Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry as well as City Hall could not be reached for comments.

Malay Mail

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