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Twice I have referred to Datuk N.S. Nallakarupan the President Of MUIP, and on both of these occasions I have been unkind to him. He was active in PKR and his boss was Anwar. Both of them were buddies of a special kind and by all appearance they were inseparable. Then Ijok by-elections came. Whether Nallakarupan was offered this seat I am unable to say, but when another candidate was proposed, Nallakarupan walked out from Keadilan and formed his own party MUIP. Nallakarupan was and is no heavyweight in politics. But pretends to be. His only hope is that Barisan Nasional will give his party some crumbs and become a full fledged politician. Samy Vellu knows him too well as Nalla was a youth leader. Pandithan tried but Samy Vellu put his foot down that his splinter party cannot be co-opted to BN. So Nalla is hoping and praying the Gods will be merciful and one day Nalla may lead the Indians. Why discourage him. Read my post:

I was reading a Tamil newspaper, Tamil Nesan, Nanban or Osai I did not see. The news item is encouraging. Nalla is concerned the Bat Caves temple which collected offerings and have totaled the figures but have not released figures on the amount collected. R.Nadarajah may have a dream Lord Muruga told him not to reveal the figures because that is God’s money. But people have not become mad yet.

Congrats Nalla


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