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Read my comments here. mackerel, now Indians are embarrassed by by Samy Vellu. All this time I thought only Indians were insistent Samy Velly go away quietly. But now, others have joined the band wagon. Does he still want to hand on. At the way things are going Samy is going to feel shy and ashamed of himself when he sees his reflection in the mirror. A good Tamil saying goes, a good cow requires just a single burn to make him understand. Samy, how adamant can you be.
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AN Utusan Malaysia columnist took a swipe at MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu for insisting that he should contest in the upcoming general election and defend his Sungai Siput seat.�

In the popular Bisik Bisik column, Awang Selamat said no doubt it was a practice in Barisan Nasional that component party leaders contest in the elections, but questioned if it was appropriate for the MIC president to make a brazen remark in such a tone. �

The columnist said nevertheless “knowing Samy Vellu’s style,” the leader’s comments did not really come as a surprise.�

“But ‘political talk’ concerning Samy Vellu was really hot last year. The issue now is when will there be a transition of power in MIC,” asked the columnist.�

He pointed out that Umno, MCA and Gerakan have all seen the passing of the baton, but there were no such sign in MIC.�

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