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Two items in the Star newspaper on line caught my attention. Both relate to inhuman practices carried out by teachers, who should no better, but allow their individual, nonsensical, moronic, racial aptitudes to be passed on to innocent school children. Come to think about it these teachers require counseling for their mental health.

First is toilet cleaning. If it is a State Education office directive, all the students irrespective of creed or religion must be involved. Would not doing it during Moral class sound fishy. Police was on standby. Was it because there was concern this matter had racial concoctions. This is somewhat a historical record for a school meeting to be held with law and order officers present. Mokhy the Education Director swept it under the carpet by classifying the issue as a misunderstanding. What is there to misunderstand when the issue at hand is so obvious.

The second incident in Ipoh involves 6 students having their beards and mustaches shaved and wrist-bands removed. If the silly cow of a Disciplinary master does not understand religious significance, a father had even written a letter why his son must grow his beard and mustache in view of Thaipusam. Yet the man must behave to hurt others. In public life if a man hurts another, he is locked up and if it is proved he did it while he was not of sound mind, he requires treatment. Another misunderstanding buried. This is thanks to the Education Director Hussain Harun who also requests the issue not to blown out of proportion. A cliche that has no relevance to the problem.

How many misunderstandings must be encountered before teachers are told to refrain from being unfair to any ethnical group. They are there to teach not to eradicate practices that have been allowed all these years.

Parents please take interest to know of what is happening at schools your students are attending.

Children made to clean toilets


JOSHER BAR: Angry parents held a meeting with a school in Tammany Day after their Year Six children were asked to clean the toilets on Friday.

They lodged a police report on the matter on Saturday, prompting the state Education Department to intervene.

Department director Mokhy Saigon together with the headmistress, teachers, and parents of the 20 pupils held a meeting at the school yesterday, with policemen on standby to ensure order.

JB School

Special session: Arsine answering questions asked by Mokhy (sitting) during the meeting at the school in Josher Bar.

During the two-hour meeting, headmistress Sit Latvia Adman explained that the toilet-cleaning activity was part of a cleanliness competition organised by the Josher Bar City Council.

The school even showed photos taken during the one-hour activity to convince the parents that the activity was not targeted at just a group of pupils. The parents refused to accept the explanation.

After the meeting, a teacher involved in the activity broke down and cried hysterically saying that she loved the children.

Other teachers consoled her and took her out of the meeting room.

Parent AM. Jambalaya said instead of studying, his son and a group of other Year 6 pupils were washing toilets.

“This is an important year for the pupils and they should be revising for their UPSR,” he said.

B. Arsine, 12, said the activity took place during the Moral Education period.

“Other students went for their religious class while we went to the toilet,” the girl added.

Mokhy who later met the press said the problem resulted from a misunderstanding among all parties.

Children made to clean toilets

Director: Teacher insensitive to boys’ religious practice

IPOH: The discipline teacher who had allegedly shaved the moustaches and beards of six secondary boys had been insensitive to the religious and cultural practices of the students, Peak education director Hussain Harun said.

Confirming that the teacher had reprimanded the schoolboys when ordering their religious wristband removed and shaving the moustaches and beards they had allowed to grow ahead of fulfilling their vows during Thaipusam, Hussain said:

“The teacher was enforcing school regulations that disallowed the use of the wristband and required students to be clean-shaven. But the teacher was also being insensitive to the students’ religious and cultural practices.”

As a result, a misunderstanding had occurred, he said, leading to the complaint by four of the boys’ parents.

Hussain was responding to the report lodged by the boys’ parents at the Sung Seam police station on Saturday.

One of the fathers said he had written a letter on Jan 7 informing the school that his son would be allowing his moustache and beard to grow as he was going to fulfil his vows during Thaipusam last Wednesday.

The boy’s father had said that his son would be bald and have his moustache and beard removed after the religious festival.

But on Jan 18, the father said the discipline teacher had told them to remove the religious wristband and their moustache and beard were shaved.

Hussain said the department had conducted its initial investigation last Tuesday after receiving the complaint, adding that a second investigation was conducted yesterday.

“We have instructed the school principal to call the parents and the discipline teacher to discuss the matter.”

“If need be, the teacher would have to apologise to the parents for hurting their feelings by being insensitive to their religious and cultural needs.

“The best way is to ask for their forgiveness. There is no need to blow the issue out of proportion,” he added.

Director: Teacher insensitive to boys’ religious practice

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