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Allahmak what is happening. Badawi please check, it is election time, do you want to reign again or not. It is not only Muslims who must vote but non-Muslims as well. Or do you think one-sided support is good enough?
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I happened to have flipped to this show called ‘JAG’ that was being shown on Star World (through Astro, of course). In a particular scene, the lead heroine of the show Sarah ‘Mac’ Mackenzie happened to pass by this (apparently) Arabic diplomat (played by an actor I recognized as Erick Avari, a Hindu I believe).
This diplomat (or he might have been a minister) greeted Sarah with ‘Assalamualaikum’. But the interesting part is that when Sarah greeted him back with ‘Walaikumsalam,’ her part was censored out! Really!
It seemed to me that the only reason this would be done was because she is American, and, presumably, a non-Muslim.

Isn’t that interesting? Our local Astro channels have already begun censoring such ‘Islamic’ terms if, and only if, they are spoken by characters who are non-Muslim.

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  1. What Islamic term?

    I read a book by one Jewish author. It was 20 years ago. If I am not mistaken the title was The Chosen by Chaim Potok. The characters were Jewish.

    I was surprised at how they greet one another. One starts his greetings as ‘Shalom Alaichem’ and the reply comes as ‘Alaichem Shalom’.

    The Hebrew language, Arabic and the mother tongue of Jesus- Aramaic are all inter-related like Tamil, Telegu & Malayalam.

    I think what we miss here is an understanding and respect of one another’s religion and race. Toleration among us is of paramount interest. WE must all be encouraged to read widely.

    I do not know what these people would say if they were to highlighted how Jews greet one another!

  2. That’s the whole point. I eat with my hand, the Chinese use chop-sticks. Both are human beings. But we understand, cultures are different. The same for religion. Jews,Arabs,Indians,Chinese,Caucasian, all have different approaches to their religion. You learn about it and try to appreciate it, although our own religious prejudice may be against it. So what can we do. Have a chip on our shoulder and behave differently at the expense of hating other religions. Then where is love which every God (sorry I believe in only one God) proclaims.

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