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    This is the question that is in the thought of not only Indians but Malays and Chinese. He has been in the limelight as President from 1979 a very long 29 years. This is his tenth term as the chief. Early Presidents from the beginning are shown below:

  1. John A. Thivy (1946-1947)

  2. Budh Singh (1947-1950)

  3. K. Ramanathan

  4. K.L. Devaser (1951-1955)

  5. V.T.Sambanthan

  6. Manickavasagam

  7. Samy Vellu (1979 -?)

      The Party has been in existence for 62 years and the present President has monopolised MIC for nearly half of the time the party had existed. Death and electoral process removed the earlier Presidents. But in the case of Samy, it is not wrong to say, he makes sure there are no second line leaders (e.g.Maniam, Pandithan) and by hook or crook gets elected. There is more to it than the eyes see, lets say he is the only one blessed with the charisma and ability to lead MIC and Indians. But then all good times must end sometimes, and Samy must take note of this and move on.

      The youths in MIC are revolting and so it is not only the Indians but people within the party who are not happy. The youths want new faces, but I think Samy should get the subtle message that he is not young any more. You can read the Malaysiakini report here

      Present Point Power has got some details on this as well.

      From the view point of Barisan Nasional, Samy is a dead weight, and whatever good he had done for Barison Nasional, is history, and with the Indians irritated with the Government in the issue of the 5 detainees, Samy Vellu can be the only factor that will drive the Indians away from Barisan. Badawi must consider.

      Now continue reading Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman.

    1. Samy a liability or asset for BN? « Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul RahmanSamy a liability or asset for BN? « Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman

      Samy a liability or asset for BN?

      Over the weekend I attended a friend Indian wedding at their house in Puchong. Like any wedding, people congregate and start talking.

      From family issues, the topic got quickly change to Samy Vellu, Hindraf and Barisan Nasional. From the chit-chat that took place I gather the following information which I wish to share with the readers.

      Many people felt that Samy has stayed too long and most people there believe over the years what Samy has done through it’s political manoeuvring is that it has strengthen his own position. The removal of Subra, which was done over a period of four years (not giving his seat in Segamat and replacing with another candidate name Subra as well as openly attacking him and organising his removal from his post of MIC No 2) was actually one of the hot issues that was talked about. The general consensus is that many felt Samy should leave and Subra should be bought back into the limelight for the sake of the Indian community. There was a strong feeling that the recent changes in government approach in handling the racial issues in particular with the increase prominence of Indians faces over the Media (TV and printed), making Thaipusam a holiday for KL and Putrajaya, Ponggal festivities, highlights of Ponggal in the papers, etc., were all due to the indirect effort of HINDRAF and there seems very little appreciation for MIC.

      Many felt that the government should release the HINDRAF 5 as soon as possible. Most do not believe the accusation made by the government that the Hindraf 5 is related to any terrorist group.There was a strong feeling that, the Indians will NOT VOTE BN CANDIDATES NATIONIWDE IF, SAMY STAYS ON AND THE HINDRAF 5 ARE NOT RELEASED.

      Listening to all this talk, I began to sense that Samy is likely to be a liability to Barisan Nasional in the next GE. In areas where Indians votes can swing the decision of the election, the outcome looks poor for BN. To the PM and BN leadership, I suggest that you start listening to the people in the street more and get more ground level input rather than through your official channel. Your advisors are telling you what you want to listen. I wish you all the best in the coming election.

      Samy a liability or asset for BN? « Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman


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