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Nominate ISA detainee as DAP candidate
Kannan K | Jan 28, 08 4:08pm
DAP should seriously consider nominating Hindraf ISA detainee, M Manoharan, as one of the DAP’s parliamentary candidates for the coming general elections for the following reasons.
1. Hindraf has been instrumental in the political awakening of Indian Malaysians and Manoharan is their legal advisor. Opposition parties should consolidate the support of all Indians Malaysian in their just fight for equal and fair treatment for all Malaysians regardless of race, culture and religion.
This can be done by selecting one of Hindraf’s prominent members to stand in te elections especially now that the unjust ISA law has been used to silence their peaceful protest.
2. As former Selangor DAP Chairman, Manoharan is well-known within the party and now widely know to all Malaysians as a symbol for the struggle for justice. He was unsuccessful in the previous general elections when he contested as a DAP parliamentary candidate.
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