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Good news readers. According to Dr Xavier Jayakumar’s blog, Kota Raja Parliament seat has a majority of 67.51% Indian voters. Read below. This seat is held by Vigneswaran, the MIC Youth chief since 2002. He is a law graduate and is currently a director with a hauler company. He is MIC central working committee member, Barisan Nasional Youth vice-chairman and Barisan’s social and welfare bureau chairman. The 39-year-old, a first-time candidate in the 2004 general election, won the new Kota Raja parliamentary seat. He is married and has two daughters.

Something to look forward to, is it not.

Kota Raja – parliament

It is highly anticipated and hoped that in the coming General Elections, that Dr Xavier Jayakumar will be standing as a candidate for PKR in the Kota Raja parliamentary seat.

After spending almost all of his working life (from 1985) in Klang, and being involved in numerous social projects and issues, it is hoped that the constituents understand that it isn’t the flag that matters but who the person is and what he represents.

However, what is most interesting at this point in time, is that as it stands the total voters in Kota Raja are 68,333.

Originally, this constituency consisted of 50.7 % Malays and
49.3 % non-Malays.

However, from August to December 31, 2007, there was a total of 4183
new voters who were registered.
The breakdown is as follows:
Indians – 67.51% – 2824
Chinese – 15.13% – 633
Malays – 16.47% – 689
Others – 0.88% – 37

With these new figures, Kota Raja becomes a non-Malay majority seat with approximately 51% non-Malay to 49% Malay.

The ground swell is huge and our expectations are that a Keadilan candidate will contest this seat, since Barisan National has given the privilege to MIC.

In view of this, PKR wants to show the Rakyat that all communities play an important role in nation building. We stand a better chance of convincing the people that we are sincere by the calibre of the candidates that we put forth.

But in saying so, it has always been and always will be a challenge to sell to the Rakyat the person and his qualities instead of the flag. The extent of indoctrination and brain-washing that the Rakyat have been subjected too is sad for the “democracy” we dream and hope this country should have.

Unfortunately we know, that when elections come, even after 50 years of Merdeka, you can be sure of the typical BN antics, and the their propoganda of fear and unrest against the opposition.

But we will campaign on !! For justice, fairness and transparency at all levels and for all Malaysians.

Dr X Team.


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