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The inquiry adjourned and resumed with a decision to include the details of the New Zealand holiday but not the purported fixing of cases as proposed by the Bar Council.
The commission unanimously said it was allowing evidence to be adduced on the personal relationship between the two to be included in the inquiry.
Commission chairperson Haidar Mohamed Noor said that after considering counsel submissions, the commission was of the view that its five-point terms of reference be read with the subject matter of the video.
He said that the inquiry will be confined to investigating persons involved in the brokering of the appointment of judges particularly in the context of the video clip.

The above is part of a Q&A session in RCI on V.K.Lingam.

Is Haidar being fair. I thought the Commission under the Agong’s pleasure was to go to the root of the matter. Why restrict the avenue. Bring out all the rot, and this will at least clear the Judiciary of past sins. Let the people respect the Judiciary once all the rot is brought out and solutions found. Otherwise the people will never respect the Judiciary. This is a golden opportunity for the Judiciary to be put right and not let Haider stop it.

And the way Lingam is bullshitting, he cannot be held down until cases are brought out.

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