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While browsing came up with more information on the above gentleman which our local media did not mention.

This new information is not earth-shattering but a gentle reminder to our leaders that what you do in private will be exposed if you are caught with your pants down. Once not in power sordid details will be uncovered and people tend to talk. So politicians must keep their noses clean.

While on this, Mr Nallakaruppan comes to my mind. He is touted in some circles as the a worthy successor to Datuk Samy Vellu which I doubt very much because the former has not proved any leadership qualities. He was a member of MIC and a close confidante of another ex DPM Anwar. Mr Nalla is breathing fire and brimstone telling the Indians don’t trust Anwar. But Mr Nalla forgets that though he may appear have some information on the former Deputy Prime Minister up his sleeves, his antics are available and documented as well, unless of course Indians want to forget. He is after all another leech in the dirty muddy pond. Any comments on Nalla?

Free show that ruined a minister
Sunday, 06 January 2008 09:19am

©The Sunday Times, Singapore (Used by permission)

The year began badly for Malaysia’s former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek as residents in his home town collected their mail on New Year’s Day. Ben Nadarajan checks out the action in Batu Pahat.

AN UNUSUAL gift was popped into the letterboxes of some residents in the Johor town of Batu Pahat on New Year’s Day.

Mr Chan Seng Wee opened his box on Tuesday morning to find a plain DVD in a plastic cover among his letters. There were no words, no pictures, nothing to suggest what was on the disc.

He played the DVD and realised that it showed a couple having sex in a hotel room. ‘The first thing I thought was: ‘Wow! Someone sent me free porn’,’ he said.

What the 42-year-old coffee shop owner did not know at that time was that the lead actor in the video was the then Malaysian Health Minister Chua Soi Lek, who grew up in Batu Pahat and is a popular figure there.

‘I thought it was from those DVD sellers trying to promote their latest porn collection,’ said Mr Chan. ‘Looking at the video, I couldn’t tell it was Dr Chua. I didn’t even think it was filmed in a hotel in this town.’

It was only later, when Dr Chua made a public confession, that Mr Chan realised whom he had been watching.

He watched the video again with his wife, but said they both still ‘can’t be sure’ that it was Dr Chua. ‘The man looks much younger and fitter,’ he said.

According to Batu Pahat residents, the DVDs were distributed to letterboxes along two main streets in the city – Jalan Sultanah and Jalan Abu Bakar – where there are homes, businesses and clan associations.

In the neighbouring town of Muar, the free DVDs were also distributed along the main streets.

The fact that the DVDs were given out for free and not sold implies that those behind the videos wanted to bring Dr Chua down.

Malaysian police have been making door-to-door searches and confiscating the DVDs.

Mr Chan said that he yielded his copy to the police station after the police warned people not to distribute or keep the video.

Dr Chua’s aides in Batu Pahat fanned out once news broke that the DVDs were being circulated, grabbing the discs from those who had obtained them.

Many people, like Mr Chan, had watched the clip without realising whom it showed.

But even when they found out, they were not too surprised.

Dr Chua’s reputation as a ladies’ man had been well-established in the area.

Although the 60-year-old now lives in Kuala Lumpur, he returns to his home town at least once a month to grace official functions or just to visit.

Dr Chua was also the MP for Labis in Johor after giving up his work as a doctor to go into politics in 1990.

The local community is close-knit, and Dr Chua’s activities are commonly discussed here.

The woman said to be featured in the sex video owns two boutiques in a shopping mall in the city centre. One of the shops, Pop Fashion, has been shut since the DVD was released. Employees have now moved to a franchise shop, Yishion, which she owns.

They describe their boss, known to them as Kelly, as being in her 30s and very well-dressed.

No one has been able to contact her since Wednesday, when the shop was supposed to reopen after the New Year. Her last communication was an SMS to the branch manager, saying that she was going to China for a few days.

The Katerina Hotel which Dr Chua frequents is the best available in Batu Pahat.

The four-star hotel boasts a VIP clientele which includes politicians and businessmen.

It is owned by a local businessman, Datuk Seri Au Ba Chi, said to be a close friend of Dr Chua.

Whenever Dr Chua is in town on official business, he would stay at the hotel.

If it is a private visit, he would stay in his old home – a two-storey terrace house located in Taman Bandar, the equivalent of Singapore’s District 10.

He would entertain guests at a seafood restaurant near the hotel. His wife is usually by his side at official functions but stays at their old house while he sleeps over at the hotel.

At the Katerina, Dr Chua always stayed in the premier suite on the 13th floor – a habit which he has said was to blame for the scandal.

The room, which costs RM800 (S$350) a night, has a small dining area and a king-size bed with the usual television set, refrigerator and bathtub packed into a suite the size of a badminton court.

Hotel staff there said that Dr Chua’s aides usually make the room reservations for him and settle the bill when he leaves.

He kept a low profile there, heading straight for his room after being dropped off at the hotel entrance by his chauffeur. He ordered room service but kept away from the hotel’s other amenities such as its gymnasium and sauna.

Dr Chua’s old home largely remains empty and is guarded by closed-circuit TV and a police post about 100m away, his neighbours said.

They see Dr Chua’s wife back at the house about twice a month, but rarely see him. They described her as a ‘very nice woman with no airs about her’. The couple apparently met when she was a staff nurse at one of several clinics opened by Dr Chua.

The couple’s two sons and daughter are said to be working overseas.

Forensic officers from Kuala Lumpur were in Dr Chua’s favourite hotel room on Thursday, dusting for fingerprints and other clues as to who might have set up the video cameras there.

However, one detective said that it was a fruitless search as they believed the video had been made more than six months ago.

The hotel has handed over a list of all its staff members, both current and those who had left in the last two years, to the police.

Interviews with the hotel staff are being conducted.

Meanwhile, Dr Chua has resigned from all his political posts.

He has cleared out his table in the Health Ministry although it is not clear yet when, or if, he will return to his home town.

But if he does, he will be welcomed with open arms.

Batu Pahat residents appear to be largely sympathetic towards him, unlike the majority of Malaysians.

Dr Chua had at first said he would not resign, but later changed his mind and said at a press conference: ‘Some Malaysians have a holier-than-thou attitude.’

The Batu Pahat residents shrugged off his philandering, saying ‘women go for a man in power’. Instead, they turned their fury on the people who made the videos.

‘It was obviously a set-up. Dr Chua has a sharp tongue and he offends quite a few people,’ said housewife Cheng Wee Hoong, 36.

Some even speculate that it was someone from within the Malaysian Chinese Association, where Dr Chua is a vice-president, who had planted the cameras.

Many believe that the sex scandal would not hurt Dr Chua too badly. Noodle stall owner Lim Ah Hwa, 41, said: ‘We have had quite a few sex scandals among our politicians. But Malaysians forget such things very quickly.

‘If Dr Chua wants, I’m sure he can still be elected here after a few years.’

Others talked about how he was responsible for building up the town to what it is today, including improving its sewerage system and building many temples.

But not all are as forgiving.

At the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Batu Pahat, a banner flapping outside the gate said that Dr Chua was to be the guest-of-honour at its Chinese New Year event later this month.

But a chamber staff member said that they were now looking for someone else to fill his place.


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  1. Let us all forgive and forget as it is only a natural and humanly act. He proved that he is a real man in admitting his actions. Give him credit for all he has done and improved (especially in the Health sector) for the common people like us. What he has contributed to Malaysians as a whole has NEVER been done or even attempted by any other politician in BN (who are all for themselves). He was unlucky and framed and not as lucky as other BN politicians who have also ……… but not caught on tape.

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